Betting Tonight’s North Carolina And Indiana Game

Wednesday’s biggest NCAA basketball game is going to be a classic match up between the North Carolina Tar Heels and the Indiana Hoosiers. The Tar Heels are 7-0 for the first time in nearly a decade and are ranked no. 3. The no. 10 Hoosiers are just as strong as they’ve been for decades, and their match up at the ACC/Big Ten Challenge will be one for the ages.

So how do you bet this little beauty? Do you automatically go for the higher ranked team or do you take a shot on the Hoosiers? With teams of this high caliber, you never know what to expect. Right now, the Tar Heels are considered four-point favorites against the Hoosiers, a one-point jump from their initial spread. How can you bet this game to come out ahead?

Beating The Spread
Covers has released a variety of betting guides for college basketball odds, and quoted Roy Williams (North Carolina’s coach) as saying “I’m not jumping on any boat trying to figure out how great we are…We stink it up with the rest of them. We’ve just got to get better every day. I’ve never seen a national championship won the day before Thanksgiving.” While this attitude is likely a part of the “respectful” approach taken by many coaches, it indicates an uncertainty in the North Carolina camp.

As you’re probably aware, a four-point spread isn’t much in a game like this. All that needs to happen for you to lose a bet against Indiana is to have them come within three-points of winning. That kind of risk is high in a game like this, which makes it a wise decision to bet a small amount on North Carolina to avoid a total loss.

That said, betting on Indiana to beat the spread isn’t a bad bet in this particular scenario. But how much should you bet them to beat it by? First of all, they need to lose by no less than three points to beat the spread. However, if you bet on them to win, you need to choose a reasonable spread. In a tight game like this, a spread of more than five or 10 points isn’t a wise bet. Try to choose one a little closer to

Injuries That Will Play A Part
There are a few injuries that you need to take into account before making your bet. North Carolina will likely be playing without Pinson, who is out until February with a foot injury. Maye’s ankle is still questionable after rolling it recently. These two power players are key to the Tar Heel’s success, and losing them could give Indiana an edge.

That said. Indiana has suffered a few injuries of its own. Blackmon is probably out for the game due to a knee injury while Hartman is “out indefinitely” with his own knee injury. Lacking these two players could balance things out again for North Carolina, which explains their current four-point spread.

Currently, North Carolina is getting about 54 percent of the betting action from Covers. Take that anyway you want. Whichever team you choose, make sure to tune into to ESPN at 9:15 tonight to see the result.

Things You Should Understand About College Football Betting Before Investing

College football is a diverse sport that has attracted fans from many circles and most people who have been following about the sport keenly do so with the aim of earning from betting. Making money out of betting against college football teams is not a difficult process if you have the right information to proceed with the decision. There are many free resources like which post detailed reports about different teams and matches.

From such platforms, you can get sure odds to be used while betting against the teams you choose. However, this is not a foolproof process, so you need to research and understand each team well before you can make any determination to invest. Gather information as much as possible before you can proceed to make a final decision. Most importantly, you need to understand basic facts and tricks as highlighted below.

Money management
What many people forget when betting is that you need good money management skills to excel in the industry. Making the right decisions and choosing the right teams translates to making profits. This is the reason you also need to understand the amounts that are okay to invest because losing a lot of money that you did not expect to lose is painful. As a rule of thumb in gambling, you should invest what you can afford to lose, so once you lose a bet you will not have thoughts haunting you for making the wrong decisions.

Choose the right sources of stats
Online stats are not as rewarding and accurate as one would want them to be especially if they come from unverified websites. You are advised to stick to known providers of sports information like so you will not have to regret using the wrong stats to choose your teams. Check the authority of a website before picking any information for purposes of betting. College football betting is a complex field that only those who choose the right channels of information excel at. Just be at the right place at the right time and you will enjoy the results.

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