The Most Attractive Churches in Minnesota

Churches are one of the places of worship; there are numerous churches across the globe that are built in different designs to create comfort and sense of art. The architecture used in building various churches across the globe are varied as the period when the churches were built varies from one to another. The design used in making these churches makes it easy to choose the most beautiful ones all over the country.

Mighty Fortress Church is arguably one of the most beautiful churches to have ever been built in Minnesota. This church is one of the oldest churches in the United States of America; it was built in the year 1900. Apart from being one of the oldest churches in the country, Cathedral of St. Paul is also one of the largest churches in the country. The church is composed of a 186ft high dome in the central region as well as the physiognomies of the French Renaissance. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

After the French Renaissance, the next most amazing church structure is the Church of the Sacred Heart, which is located in Freeport. Possibly one of the lavish worshipping places in the Stearns County, Church of the Sacred Heart is one of the most decorated churches in the country. One of the most unique about this church is that its size is not as big as most churches in the country, it is just a small church whose design is one a kind. Its interior design borrows from modern as well as traditional architectural designs, which make one of the most attractive places of worship in the country. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

One of the things that are quite clear as far as worshiping places are concerned is that Minneapolis has one of the most attractive churches in the country. Basilica of St. Mary is also one of the churches in Minneapolis, which represents the most pleasant worship venues in the country. What is unique about this church is that its interior design takes into account the architectural history of its location. It is also known for holding music festivals annually, which is normally referred to as Basilica Block Party.