How Doe Deere And Lime Crime Launched A Beauty Revolution

These last few years the worlds of beauty, makeup and fashion have seen some monumental changes. The introduction of the internet has meant that people who love makeup and who are always looking for new lipsticks, eyeshadow, lip gloss, bronzer and for new inventive ways of wearing them now have access to more information about makeup and more options than they have ever had. Rather than flipping through the pages of a fashion magazine to search for features that were created by a beauty editor in New York City consumers who are enthusiasts of makeup need to look no further than their smartphone’s Instagram app to find inspiration for their makeup looks.


These days beauty bloggers and everyday people are posting to social media, sharing reviews of their favorite makeup and sharing new looks that they have created by using makeup in unconventional ways. Once upon a time it seemed as though consumers were often encouraged to use makeup to enable them to conform to a standard of beauty that was set by someone other than themselves. These days however it seems as though beauty consumers are using makeup to express themselves and to set themselves apart from other people. Arguably it is this desire for unconventional aesthetics that has enabled entrepreneurs such as Doe Deere of the online beauty company Lime Crime to be so successful. Some might say that it was Doe Deere’s company Lime Crime that helped to pioneer so many of the eye-catching and bold makeup trends that have been popularized on the internet. Many beauty enthusiasts now prefer colors that were once thought to be unconventional such as wearing dark blue lipstick or even wearing green lipstick. Doe Deere was among the pioneers who showed other young women that adhering to a standard of beauty that was unconventional could be okay and could even be more interesting than following trends that were set by gatekeepers in the worlds of beauty and fashion.


If you pay any attention to conversations about beauty standards, makeup, clothes and fashion media you probably know that even though many women like to read fashion magazines or to buy makeup they can often ended up feeling boxed in by these things. Some people can be made to feel as though the way they look does not align with the way that the world defines beauty and the ideas about what beauty is. What entrepreneurs such as Doe Deere have been able to do is help give people the tools to create a definition of beauty that is more expansive and that aligns with a consumer’s values. Lime Crime has helped its customers to accomplish this by giving them access to bold lip colors that normally were not the sorts of colors sold by larger brand names in the beauty industry. By being able to purchase orange lipstick or lipstick that would make their lips look shiny and green from Lime Crime some beauty consumers were likely able to have the chance to express themselves and to challenge ideas about what is beautiful that they normally might not have had. Learn more:


Getting to Know Aloha Construction and Services Offered

Aloha Construction Inc. is a renowned firm providing excellent services in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company is family-operated and owned and comprises of top-notch inspectors, specialists, managers, installers, supervisors, and office staff. The firm also offers services in Tazewell, Peoria, Champaign, McLean, and Washington counties via its Bloomington offices. It has completed more than 18,000 projects locally.


Growth of the company

Aloha Construction transformed from a minor construction firm into a leading general contractor in the industry. They have achieved many industry certifications too. This company specializes in exteriors like installation of commercial and residential roofing, roofing inspection services, storm damage repair, seamless gutters, wind damage repair, home repair, and siding repair services and learn more about Aloha Construction.

Having more than 84 years of expertise, Aloha construction is fully bonded, licensed and insured. They can provide a Craftsmanship Warranty for ten years. Today, this firm is a leader because of their reputation for integrity, unmatched safety, and superiority in the construction industry.


How they manage to provide excellent services

Aloha Construction always maintains high levels of honesty, fairness, integrity, and professionalism when dealing with subcontractors, suppliers, associates (like company agents and insurance adjusters) and customers too. They always ensure that customer satisfaction is maintained by offering top-notch services in time and paying attention to the job details. The service, sales, and office teams work hand in hand to ensure clients get exceptional services and more information click here.

Aloha Construction has all your repair needs covered no matter what happened to your property. Just contact them to get an opportunity to restore your home to its previous glory and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

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Susan McGalla is an executive consultant with a passion for professionalism

Susan P. McGalla is the former president and CMO, Chief Merchandising Officer at American Eagle Outfitters. She began working there in 1994 and she is in her 40’s. She previously worked at the department stores of Joseph Horne Company. At American Eagle Outfitters, she was in charge of marketing, merchandising and designing of the American teen brand. Susan grew up on the east side of Liverpool and in her bringing up, there was no distinction in gender, each person was viewed as an individual. Her family has played a big part in molding her success through instilling confidence in her at a very young age. Susan has never played the woman card to get things her way, she has rightfully earned her position in the business world through her hard work and interest in various things.

Susan through her experience formed P3 Executive Consulting. She consults on the management of talent, branding, operational management for efficiency at work and marketing strategies among others. She has been part of the people who have encouraged the rise of women in the business world through her talks. Some of the talks she has conducted were based at Carnegie Mellon University and the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. When women seek to be referred to as professionals it is encouraging. The evolution of this want is continuously spreading globally. Susan was the only girl in a family of two boys and a football coach for a father. She did not get any favors because she was a girl, instead, it shaped her into an admirable individual who has worked her way up to her success through her innovative ideas.

Susan P. McGalla attended the Mount Union College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts. After her college is when she joined the Joseph Horne Company to begin her career. Handling 3 billion dollars’ worth of revenue, managing 4 different brands and an e-commerce site and to top it up a responsibility of profit and loss for the American Eagle, Susan is an exemplary figure head. She has excelled in her career and she is not stopping. She is aiming for higher achievements as she pursues her passion in the world of retail.

Susan is based in Pittsburgh where she offers her expertise in consultation at different capacities. She is a member of the Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation and the HFF Inc boards. HFF is a company that focuses on real estate commercially. She previously held the director position at Allegheny Conference and was a University of Pittsburgh trustee.


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Secrets of An Entrepreneur: Doe Deere

Anyone who keeps tabs on beauty trends on social media knows about Doe Deere. She is the founder and CEO of the indie makeup company, Lime Crime. Lime Crime Cosmetics is a well-known innovative brand that changed up the way women think about makeup. From rich, matte lip shades called “Velvetines” to a wide array of unusual, brilliant, hair colors, Lime Crime is setting trends online with over 2.6 million Instagram followers. During these days of downsizing, outsourcing, and high unemployment, many individuals are following their hearts and trying to start their own business.

For anyone who does not know Doe Deer’s backstory, she came to New York from Russia as a teenager. She explored the New York music scene, performing with a band. Then she began taking her love of makeup to the next level by starting her own company with little money and a big dream. The story of this woman, an immigrant to the United States, who built her own beauty empire is inspiring. Although every individual’s path is unique, Doe Deere is quick to share advice and encourage others to follow their own dreams. Learn more:

A recent interview with Doe Deere on, titled “How The Controversial Doe Deere Became a Successful Entrepreneur”,, gives a glimpse of what it takes to build and run your own company.

First of all, Doe Deere recommends finding your passion. She advises that you have to be dedicated and passionate about your vision and goals. Often the road is hard and entrepreneurs need to make sacrifices and do what it takes along the way to get where you want to be.

Next, is honing and developing your skill set. Ms.Deere advises that everyone has talents and skills. You just need to develop them. She cites that doing what you can naturally do well and have an aptitude for is easier than trying to invent or learn something completely new. Case in point she started with a love of makeup and artistic talent and took parlayed that into a business.

When problems arise (and they always do) Ms. Deere advises to tackle them head on. Mistakes can also be an opportunity for learning and growth. There is wisdom to be learned from others so pay attention to what is trending in your type of business and use successful entrepreneurs as role models.

To be successful in business, a certain amount of fearlessness is involved. You have to take risks for rewards. That means thinking out of the box, and daring to be a rebel of sorts, like Doe Deere. Playing it too safe is risky for entrepreneurs.

Doe Deere made her name through hard work, perseverance and a creative spirit that refused to give up when the going got tough. To live a dream means doing what you love, and Ms. Deere loves selling high-quality cosmetics to her “fearless pack of unicorns” who adore her beauty products. To learn more about Lime Crime cosmetics, visit

Richard Smith’s Leadership at Securus Technologies

Mr. Richard Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies since the year 2008 when he took over the role from Richard Falcone. He has a very rich background in terms of skill set and leadership experience which he gained from the many positions that he held at Frontier Corporations. He served Frontier Corporations in several departments such as IT, finance and business development among others. He had also served Eschelon Telecom as the CEO for about nine years and, during his tenure in this company, he was able to grow the company’s revenue tremendously. He had also worked for other companies before joining Securus technology, and these include EBITDA and CAGR whereby he managed to increase the revenue as well. Smith has a bachelor of science in electrical engineering, a master’s degree in Mathematics and an MBA as well.

Rick Smith Securus is a leading company in the provision of technology solutions in criminal and civil justice whereby they purpose to improve public safety. Falcone formed the company by merging Evercom and T-Netix in the year 2004 and later acquiring Sycon Justice Systems in the year 2007. The headquarters of Securus Technologies are found in Dallas, Texas and serves about 3,450 public safety, correction agencies and law enforcement firms. They also serve more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. The main aim of the company in the industry is to provide incident management, emergency responses, investigation, communication and inmate self-service among other operations. They focus on connecting what matters. Read more articles at

Early 2016, Securus Technologies announced that they had added a sales executive in their leadership team. This was necessary to assist in the development of a software-based sales team that is of high technology so as to match their expanding portfolio of services having reached over 800 products. The person who was chosen to undertake this task is John Bell serving as the Senior Vice President of sales. Richard Smith said that the company had invested about $600 million dollars to acquire and develop new products for the purpose of safety, efficiency, and security of their clients. He added that this growth was among the main reasons that led them to require a key sales resource who is talented and experienced to handle the expanded set of products in the company diligently.

John Bell was chosen because he has a great career in changing organizational performance and culture into an outstanding growth and exceptional performance by developing brilliant sales leaders. His career was built in about 35 years from the different companies he had worked for which include IBM, NTT Verio, Verizon, Time Warner Cable and AT&T. He was expected to work towards achieving goals such as representing in full the company’s products, paying visits to their customers and developing a sophisticated training program for the sales associates among others. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

Don Ressler: A Brand Guru

Over the years, Don Ressler; the current co-chief executive officer of JustFab, has made a name for himself as a suave businessman with an eye for unique business opportunities especially in the fashion industry. Don Ressler draws inspiration from everyday life events including his wife’s strong passion for fitness to establish leading fashion brands. Don Ressler has a penchant for identifying unique business opportunities that exploits the growing ecommerce space. He is a serial investor and entrepreneur with his first successful being, which he sold after growing into a multimillion business entity with strong online presence. It was after selling his company to Intemix in 1997 that he met his current business partner, Adam Goldenberg who working as the company’s chief operations officer according to They met at Intemix where he had moved after serving as president and chief executive officer of Fitness Heaven.

They both had a keen eye for identifying unique business opportunities such as Intelligent Beauty, which they cofounded. With its fashion brands gaining popularity across the country and globally, the two partners created TechStyle Fashion Group to manage the bludgeoning fashion brands and customer base growth. Currently, the two partners co-manages the company’s operations with Don Ressler spearheading its customer experience docket as well as overseeing the company’s vision and talent search. The rest of company’s operations including marketing are run by Goldenberg.

Don Ressler has adopted a unique approach to expanding the brand penetration at JustFab. The women online fashion company offer their customers high quality products on a membership basis at a reduced cost. The products are customized according to the tastes and preferences of their clients, packaged and delivered to the customers. With retail shops in some parts of the country, JustFab stocks shoes, handbags, denims and jewelries among other fashion products.

This unique approach has also be adopted by Don Ressler and investment partners in the operations of one of its fastest growing fashion brands: Fabletics. Fabletics is an athleisure brand sells high quality and affordable fitness apparel for women on a membership basis. The brand was founded by celebrity and actress, Kate Hudson in 2013. Within a short span, the fashion has expanded its operations, financial base, revenue and sales volumes. Additionally, it has expanded its line of products to include men fitness outfits.

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The rise of Lori Senecal

Rising the corporate ladder is not an easy task especially for women who are thought to be weaker as compared to their male counterparts. Ms. Lori Senecal is one of the women who has proven wrong this assumption by many about female gender being weaker than men. A prominent marketer recognized for her work worldwide Ms. Senecal is currently the Chief Executive Officer at MDC agency CP+B. Ms. Senecal is in charge of coordinating the company’s global offices and manages its expansion and potential areas of growth. Using her strong leadership skills and excellent organizational capabilities Senecal has overseen the growth of the agency to great heights.

Ms. Senecal has a Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing, and Finance from McGill University. The journey to the top for Ms. Senecal started long ago at McCnann world group. Here she served as the chief innovation officer before she was promoted to head the New York office of McCnann Erickson flagship. She is also the founder of a marketing unit called Tag Ideation. Before appointment at MDC, she was the chairman and CEO of KBS. Ms. Senecal did some good work while at the helm of KBS that saw it grow from a little agency consisting of around 250people to a large organization of over 800people. It was even recognized by Crain’s among the best places to work in New York. KBS deals with well-established clients such as Vanguard, TE connectivity, Harman, BMW and more. By improving the firm’s status significantly, Ms. Senecal had proved her worth to all.

At the time of naming her the CEO of CP+B she was the president and CEO at MDC Partner Network. At MDC she was responsible for pushing the company’s vision forward to grow the business and partner with other networks. Her role at MDC helped her gain a lot of experience that would come in handy in her new role. Ms. Senecal believes in using the talents at her disposal and culture to drive change to achieve her purpose of growing the agency. Ms. Senecal is a member of the Board of Ad Council. During her tenure at MDC, she was honored at AWNY Game Changer Awards with a Quantum Leap Award for Leadership and was named one of Advertising Age’s Women to Watch in 2014.