Candy Crush to become a game show

The makers of Candy Crush Saga may not know what the word saga means, but that has not stopped them from adding the word on to the end of their products. Their lack of concern over the accepted definitions of English words has not hurt their bottom line. Although casual gaming and social gaming are often connected, they are not the same. The makers of the game hope to bridge this gap by turning the popular puzzle game into a television game show.


Players of the Candy Crush game often play it on Facebook or their cell phones during their free time. It is similar to the Sega Genesis Game Columns, but it has a few twists of its own. The game show, unlike the casual game, would have players competing against each other to pop rows or to prevent their opponents from doing so.


At the moment, the game show remains in development. Unlike the Candy Crush cell phone app, the game show will feature teams of players navigating their way across virtual game boards.


Social media users reacted to the news with varying degrees of amusement. One Twitter user remarked that graduates will finally be able to pay off their student loans with skills they learned in class.