Clay Siegall Continues To Be Informative In His Blog and Active in Cancer Treatment Development

Clay Siegall discusses an array of topics in his official blog. He recently tackled on the End of Life Option Act for California residents. He also took his readers to a world of dogs and ways of learning how to sniff just like them.

Life-Ending Prescriptions

According to a recent study conducted by Compassion and Choices, 500 California residents had been given the life-ending drugs. The participation had increased since the enactment of the End of Life Option Act in June last year. Hospitals, hospice organizations, and insurers are taking up the law at a rapid rate. Getting a physician who can give this prescription has been a daunting task. This hesitancy is attributable to the fact that the law provides doctors with an opt-out option. It could also be because it defies their mandate of saving lives. Many doctors site a difficulty in giving these prescriptions due to the stigma and implication it can give.

Sniffing Like a Dog

Alexandra Horowitz, a researcher, author, and Barnard College Dog Cognition Lab head, recently sought to adopt the dogs sniffing. According to her, noses and smell have been given little value by human beings. Studies have shown that the human nose can also be sensitive as that of a dog. Alexandra sought expert help from a perfumer and a sommelier. She also used a pair of animal trackers to learn skills on how to optimize the nose in smelling. One step she noted was to carefully smell an item that can, in turn, increase the smell molecules. Treating scents with significance removes the traditional tendency of ignoring smells. Inventing a language for identifying scents becomes interesting and makes it easier to recognize them in the future. Humans are, however, far from acquiring the dogs sniffing skills but taking small steps can significantly revolutionize their lives.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a scientist and a researcher by training. His passion lies in cancer therapies and cancer drugs development. He heads his firm, Seattle Genetics that focuses on cancer treatment.

Clay Siegall’s duty is to oversee all operations at Seattle Genetics. The organization has achieved quite a lot under his watch. Clay was at the forefront of coming up with the firm’s first antibody-drug conjugate, ADCETRIS.