Don Ressler Taking Fabletics To New Heights Of Success

The athletic wear segment for women has always been a highly competitive sector with many new brands coming up to woo the consumers. However, even with the presence of so many brands in the market, the athleisure segment always had a wide gap between style and affordability. It is where Fabletics, one of the leading athleisure brands in the market today comes in. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, two of the most successful serial entrepreneurs in the United States, have been looking for a new niche to venture in when they noticed the rapidly increasing athleisure segment. It is how the Fabletics came into being. The primary aim of launching Fabletics was to ensure that the women have a brand they can trust with both the quality as well as the pocket pinch. Don Ressler wanted women to be able to buy athletic wear without having to spend a fortune, and thanks to his years of experience in the fashion industry, he was able to do so with high accuracy.


Don Ressler noticed that most of the athletic wear brands in the market offered products at overpriced rates and the brands that offered at a meager price didn’t provide quality products at all. It made it difficult for the women with a budget to buy quality products that they wanted. Fabletics, from the very beginning, focused on not what the competitors are doing, but on what the customers are looking for. Focusing on the customers’ need helped Fabletics to come out with a range of athletic wear for women that were attractive, made of quality fabric, and was affordable at the same time. Don Ressler knew that making a mark in the highly competitive and saturated fashion market; it is important to have a familiar face that would represent the brand. Thus, Kate Hudson, one of the most celebrity actresses in Hollywood, was asked to join Fabletics as a co-founder. It helped the brand to become aspirational for women as well as popular among the masses.


Kate Hudson brought with her tremendous experience in public relations, communication, and fashion. These are the qualities that Don Ressler was looking for to help Fabletics reach out to a wider audience and make Fabletics, a major brand in the athleisure market. The company also used online marketing and data analytics technologies to help build a brand that can target the audience in an efficient manner, which in turn, would assist in improving sales and revenue considerably.

The Two Guys Behind the Fabulous Brand TechStyle

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded Techstyle Fashion Group, the company behind JustFab, Fabletics, and ShoeDazzle. Both guys didn’t know much about fashion but they did have the determination to succeed. With their past knowledge of consumer needs and wants, they weaved that into the fashion industry.


Adam Goldenberg’s first company was called Gamers Alliance, a company he started when he was just 15-years-old. Goldenberg was able to sell the advertising hub for gaming websites. He was able to sell the company to Intermix Media in 1999, where would eventually he would become the V.P. of strategic planning. He left high school to take that job and by 20, he was the C.O.O. of Intermix.


Similar to Goldenberg, Don Ressler also sold his business to Intermix in 2011 and then joined the Intermix company. Ressler sold his website, to Intermix and by this time, he was already well-versed in raising capital for online companies, According to Ressler, this is what led him to the fashion industry.


Naturally, Ressler and Goldenberg developed a friendship while working at Intermix together. Their natural entrepreneurial spirits led them to start Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce company, in 2006. From there they continued to create successful brands. The started thinking about a new way to for consumers to shop online and with their current experience with trends, consumer insights and fashion, they saw a need for finding personalized fashions.


JustFab was Techstyle’s first company. The membership based company gives members the option to switch which clothing items they have delivered to their homes. Venture capitalist Matrix Partners funded JustFab, along with Intelligent Beauty. A rebranding period in 2016 caused JustFab to go from JustFab to TechStyle. Goldenberg and Ressler based this decision on their knack for merging fashion and technology.


TechStyle stands out from the competition because of this reason. TechStyle also pays attention to its social responsibility. The company takes a moment to think about how it can improve the lives of everyday women by creating clothes and accessories that aid in healthy, confident lifestyles.


In addition, TechStyle is active in the community by having a hand in various projects and charity events. One charity event is right up their alley, the Cinderella Project is a charity group which donates gowns, dresses and accessories to low-income students who would like to attend their prom fabulously.


Ressler and Goldenberg continue to focus on making TechStyle a leading brand for clothing and accessories. TechStyle brands include JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. Their 4 million members are in 10 countries. TechStyle’s mission statement is to make members feel and look great in active wear.

Marc Sparks Dishes on the Importance of a Solid Work Environment

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur who is behind creating Timber Creek capital. Timber Creek is a private equity firm that helps new entrepreneurs incubate and develop startups Sparks has always embraced innovation. for instance, he recently decided to move Timber Creek’s offices after more than a decade of being in the same area. The reason for the move is so that offices are now in a setting that boosts teamwork and the creative process altogether.


With the experience and success Sparks has gained over the years it’s safe to say he knows a lot about developing businesses and acquiring the right resources for it to become highly profitable. One thing he’s picked up along the way is how important the work environment is. A comfortable workplace leads to better ideas, collaboration, and work speed. On the other hand, if the workplace is uncomfortable you will see a decrease in each aspect. Sparks knows that workflow is more important than other entrepreneurs realize. When the work environment is full of synergy production is maximized.


Sparks has slowly become a philanthropist in the past years. His book They Can’t Eat You is motivational and enlightens readers of his own failures and how he overcame them to become successful. He hopes others will learn from his mistakes and find achieving their dreams much easier. Learn more:


Sparks also mentors companies through Timber Creek. He shares with them his strategies and methods of how to sustain a business. His 3 decades worth of experience as an entrepreneur really comes in handy when it comes to mentoring. He is extremely passionate about building up aspiring entrepreneurs that don’t want to fall into wage slavery. He has seen almost every level of entrepreneurial success and failure and this makes him qualified to give business advice to others.