Copa Star – Among the Most Innovative Hospitals

Some years ago in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil an advanced and unique hospital opened its door to the public. It is called Copa Star, and it is located on the Figueiredo Magalhães Street in Copacabana. There are many aspects of Copa Star that make the hospital unique. Both the interior design and the building itself have been created to stand out and a new example for other medical institutions both in Brazil and all around the world.

The concrete is infused with a substance called Penetron. Penetron is a material that makes conventional concrete stronger and more durable. Concrete usually starts cracking rather soon, rain and dirt get caught up in the cracks. That makes the quality of the material decrease. The building of Copa Star, however, will not be facing such problems for many years to come. Altogether the project cost about $115 million to complete. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

The power consumption of Copa Star is also a lot lower. The hospital has air cavities in the facade, and that allows the institution to regulate the air huts and require less energy for heating and cooling.

The interior of the Copa Star hospital was designed by the leading interior designers of Brazil. Inside, the hospitals resemble a five-star hotel more than a typical hospital. The furnishing, the lighting, and the aroma are all different. There are luxurious couches assembled in stylish waiting areas; there are paintings on the walls and sculptures. The light is soft and creates a calm atmosphere, and the corridors smell of wood and citrus.

The Cops Star Hospital features a great addition to the structure of the passages. There is a specialised wing of the building that is meant only for the fast and easy transit of doctors, nurses, and other staff members. The private side is also used tp transport patients from their rooms to offices and surgery rooms. This helpful addition has alleviated the traffic in the main halls of the hospital and has allowed the medical staff act as quickly as possible is no delays. The visitors also have an easier time going around undisturbed.

Something that no other hospital in the world has is a private gallery hall. The hospital of Copa Star has a collection of more than a hundred painting by a famous Japanese artist. The door of the studio is always open for patients to visit and enjoy the pieces of art.

The rooms of the patients also resemble the bedrooms of a five-star hotel. There are comfortable couches and armchairs for the visitors and a coffee table that are assembled in a sitting area. The windows are large and sport a protective layer that prevents the harmful rays from entering the rooms. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

One Planet Awards Program Honors Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, Inc. A global premier awards program, One Planet, recently honored Troy McQuagge as Gold Winner CEO of the year. The one planet program awards business and professional excellence in all industries of the business world. One Planet allows organizations from biggest to smallest to submit their nominations. His company, USHealth Group, Inc provides affordable health coverage for the self-employed and business owners. The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas. The goal of the company is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best insurance products and price possible.

“In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”. Troy humbly states during his acceptance speech.

The award was well-deserved. In 2010, McQuagge joined the company and began putting his skills to use. He decided to remodel the USHealth Advisors and had a great of success. This success soon led to him being elected as president and CEO in 2014. Since being elected, USHEALTH Group, Inc experienced continued success in the competitive health insurance market.

Before McQuagge joined USHealth Group, Inc, he attended the university of central Florida where he earned his B. A in Legal Studies. Later, he worked for Allstate Insurance company. There he learned his two valuable skills that played a part in his company’s success, sales, and administration. He also joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. In 1997, he was elected president for the UICI agency. Troy had developed 30 years of experience in the health insurance field before landing the position at USHealth Group, Inc.

With his education and experience, Troy McQuagge has brought his company to a growth of 500% since 2010. Today, McQuagge still exceeds sales goals and brings his customers great satisfaction.

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How Jason Halpern’s JHM has Transformed the Brooklyn’s Skyline

JMH real estate developers is a leader when it comes to the development of the luxury homes in Manhattan. This company has also handled a vast array of real estate projects in Brooklyn, including the conservation of an eight-tower hotel block. In addition, the company deals with the development of residential and commercial projects.


Jason Halpern is an experienced real estate developer who has handled several projects in his career. He specializes in the high-end homes, meaning that he has a knack for acquiring properties in the prime areas. Since the clientele prefers the luxury homes, Jason Halpern has assembled a consortium of firms to provide the services that the clients require. For example, in the eight-story hotel tower, JHM has collaborated with ADD architects and Plaza Construction to turn a bland historical building into a world known architectural masterpiece.


The ability to conserve the old building has earned this firm a lot of plaudits from other professionals as well. Conservation adds value to the wasted spaces of the town, and the best way to prevent the further urban sprawl is to take conservation seriously. This project will open up a broad range of opportunities that will generate revenue to the locals.


By working with some of the best architects in Manhattan, JHM is renowned for developing the masterpieces that will shape the silhouette of Brooklyn. Whether you are interested in the commercial, residential, hospitality, or mixed use properties, JHM is the place to go. By turning these houses into key icons of the town, JMH has made its mark in the regional real estate industry.


This company is famous for pioneering the development of prime, luxurious, and distinctive properties across the United States. The innovative approach when it comes to designing and building the properties has made a huge impact on the Brooklyn skyline. One of the recent projects is the rehabilitation of 184 Kent Avenue that led to the creation of 340 luxury rentals in Brooklyn. This project won plenty of awards in the adaptive reuse section. Currently, JMH is working on the development of the Cobble Hill Townhouses in Brooklyn. Evidently, JMH is looking to create high quality, luxurious, and unique properties throughout the country.


JHM has completed the construction of the Aloft South Beach. This waterfront property provides easy access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast. This building is located near the Miami Beach convention center and the Museum of art.

Norman Pattiz on the Launching of a new Podcast

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and Founder of PodcastOne. He announced they were launching a new podcast known as “Beyond the Darkness” on 19th December 2016. This would be the latest show on the podcast network headed by WWE star Chris Jericho that falls under the umbrella of PodcastOne. The new podcast will feature conversations that are entertaining and enlightening with renowned researchers. It is meant to challenge everything known about ghouls, demons, ghosts, aliens, miracles, angels, mysteries, and monster encounters. The new podcast will be hosted by Dave Schrader who is an author and radio host and Tim Dennis who is a host and radio producer. Norman said that new episodes would be released on the PodcastOne app,, and iTunes every Monday.


Norman made an announcement and stated that Chris had made a name for himself as one of PodcastOne network’s jewels. He added that they had knowledge about this when he began the Jericho Network Collection that would expand beyond wrestling. Norman stated that Chris had delivered comedians and that he was now taking people into the paranormal. Norman said that he was a bit “creeped out” as he made the announcement of the Beyond the darkness podcast and that he believed that Tim Dennis and Dave Schrader would do a fantastic job as hosts. He also added that the two would bring about their large fan base who believed and trust them and the subject they will be tackling. Norman stated that he fully expects the new podcast to grow the already existing huge Jericho Network audience. He added that he believes that the new podcast will “scare the crap out” of the public.


Norman Pattiz is popularly known as Norm. He became the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne of June 2016. He worked as the Chief Executive Officer of PodcastOne up to June 2016. He is a former consultant with WestwoodOne Inc, a company he founded in 1974. He once worked at Broadcast Education Association where he served as the president. He is a board member of Governors at Los Alamos National Security, LLC and serves as the chairman as well. Norman was appointed to work on the BBG (Broadcast Board of Governors) of the US by President Clinton and was later reappointed by President Bush. He also worked at the University of California where he served as a Regent. Norman is a board member of the Regent of Energy Laboratories. He has received many civic and professional awards including The Freedom of Speech Award.

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IAP WORLDWIDE was both founded and begun back in the year of 1953. It has not slowed down or stopped since. Not all companies can say the same, period.

Any organization and/or brand which has been able to maintain itself in the business and ever growing, as this one most certainly has, is to be respected and admired as a whole. IAP WORLDWIDE has only grown and continued to grow through many years of faithful perseverance, trials, and service. Over sixty years of service on have proven this company to be made of true metal, and true to its service and stated goals & accomplishments over the never failing test of time….which tries and tests all things as if in a very furnace itself, sometimes—-bringing out the best gold possible through the fire. IAP WORLDWIDE has much good gold to show in many good years of service.

But one of many numerous attributing aspects to such a deep and profound level of success is due to the company’s one of a kind, not found anywhere else quite exactly the same, strict guidelines which all members of IAP WORLDWIDE must adhere to and live by on a regular basis. Would you care to know what these are? I thought that you would. IAP WORLDWIDE individuals must:
Practice Intellectual Curiosity and Rigor
Act with Integrity and Humility
Provide Inspirational leadership and followership, enabled by empathy
Act nicely, responsibly and swiftly
Act with resolve, adapting to and embracing change
Allow ourselves and others to be happy and successful
Pursue growth and learning
Partner with colleagues, customers, and community for our mutual success

Also, here is another key and crucial part to the core of the operation as a whole. I speak to the company’s foundation and its structure…not to mention its ever continuing success. I quote:
“At IAP, our mission is to solve your most challenging problems using proven technology, expertise, and ingenuity. When you partner with us, we take your ultimate goals and make them our own, and we do not rest until we have delivered the results you need. To achieve this, we rely on four competencies….”

The four competencies, what are they? Friends, they are: focus, agility, capabilities, and commitment. Without them, INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE would most likely not be INGENUITY AND PURPOSE WORLDWIDE as we know it today. This company is very unique.

The Growing Admiration for Keith Mann

A recent article by Ideamensch, found at: provided a question and answer with Keith Mann. The questions delved into his successful past. The interview also brought up his success with Dynamic Search Partners as well as what his typical day consists of doing. It is in this article that uncovers who Keith Mann is as a businessman and above average individual who strives to find success in everything he does.

Although Keith Mann is known for his success as a Managing Director of Dynamic Search Partners, he begun his career at Dynamic Associates as the Manager of the Alternative Investments Division. He rose through the ranks, as one article described, creating a name for himself. He would eventually become co-founder of Dynamic Search Partners in 2001, a business now admired as one of the largest databases of investment executives around the U.S. He is currently the CEO of DSP, as the article mentions. Some of his responsibilities include acting as an investment advisor, providing marketing strategies, as well as many other responsibilities

The article that included the interview about Keith Mann offers insight into the successful mind of Keith Mann. One of the initial questions pertained to where the idea of DSP came from, in which he talks about really enjoying being his own boss. The following questions relate to his work ethic, where he finds inspiration and joy in his work. Mann believes his ability to maintain success is with a high focus as well as daily exercise. He then goes on to discuss the importance of fulfilling the clients financial needs or the businesses needs. He also tells of the importance of incorporating technology in his business. It has helped him save time when it comes to interviewing. Another question in the article focused on his failures as an entrepreneur, a question he humbly responds to. His response entailed a poor hiring decision, which he eventually learned from. The last couple of questions provide a glimpse of Mann’s personal life. The article ultimately portrayed Mann as an individual that one should admire to be.

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Talk Fusion Works for Businesses

When you are looking at your business, you want things that will work for you. You might think that you can’t find a video chat service that is going to be best for you. The good news is that Talk Fusion can change the way you do business forever.

Video Chats for Business
If you are working with others in your business, you might want to communicate with them while looking at them. Video chats are some of the best ways to do this and can help everyone feel more connected in the business. You can use video chatting for brainstorming sessions as well as to talk about plans within the business. You can have a conversation like they are right there with you and not have to worry about traveling first.

Video Emails
These are great for businesses that might need to tell their employees information that pertains to the business. They might want to give announcements this way as well as any recognition to employees that have done more than they were asked to do.

Another great way to use video emails is for games that you might play with the employees that you have. These can be about goals that employees need to meet and rewards that may be given for these games. They can send videos of themselves finding items that may be used within the business to make working there more fun.

Using Talk Fusion for business can be a great way to keep employees feeling like they are a part of the business they are in and help them to work harder. They might just need a little motivation in their work to do better than they ever thought they could. Take a minute and look at how easy this software could change the way you do business and the way you can talk to those that work with you. Take the time to show them you value them and the work they do for you. Talk Fusion will help improve performance and the money you are making within your business. When you all work as a team, you all benefit.

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John Goullet And Diversant Have A History Of Success

Diversant LLC is a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and it also happens to be one of the largest IT staffing and solution firms in the entire US. They focus on It solutions for their clients, and work to find the right talent for hiring at others companies as well. There are a few things that make Diversant unique and stand above the rest of the competition on the market. First of which is their principal, John Goullet, who not only has decades of experience and knowledge in the industry, but a strong ideology for the business. He advocates for diversity and teamwork, which goes a long way in matching professionals with the right talent they need, it also helps them meet quotas.

Diversant offers many opportunities for their clients and the professionals they look to hire for their customers. Through the collaborations and networking with other companies, Diversant has no troubles finding talented professionals, especially with John at the helm of the company, as he has a strong eye for matching the right individuals with the right companies in order to bring them more efficiency and growth. John is an advocate for teamwork, and working hard in order to had the best results possible. John believes that being highly diverse in ethnic backgrounds also goes a long way in helping customers receive the services they want.

As the current principal for Diversant, John has been spreading his philosophies to the team as well, which has gone a long way in improving their total customer satisfaction with their clients. It’s also fair to say John knows very well what he is doing, as he has been in the industry and gained a considerable amount of experience, knowledge and wealth from his success. His former company, Info Technologies, became one of the fastest growing companies within the US in a few short years after starting up. John used his same principles and took them to Diversant, which has become a top competitor in the market thanks to his efforts.

Exclusive Services Offered by Cotemar

Cotemar S.A. de C.V. is an oil company located in Ciuda el Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. They are dedicated to providing a variety of services to the customer which include the development of offshore oil field services through high-tech equipment, catering and lodging facilities, marine construction, sustenance, and operation. The company was founded in the year 1979 to provide services for the energy section in Mexico. Since then, Cotemar have grown to be the best and lead in service provision in the oil and gas industry.

Cotemar offers their services in three different categories. Firstly, they offer construction, enhancement and maintenance services. The team in the company perform installations, improving equipment by replacing with more advanced ones, and assembling equipment for platforms and processing centers. Offering these services in best quality is facilitated by the engagement of the semi-submersible dynamic positioning platforms available in the company.

Secondly, Cotemar has enhanced vessels and support boats for marine transport services. The vessels vary depending on the services it is intended. There are small ones that carry foodstuff, people, and other lightweight goods. There also are huge vessels like barges and towing ships to transport the heavy goods. Cotemar has special marine vessels used specifically for firefighting. Every vessel in the company goes through an inspection to detect any flaws and prevent the occurrence of tragedies like sinking.

The third category involves offering hospitality to the customers. The services are food and lodging offshore services to the customers on-board their vessels. In the lodging services, Cotemar also offers laundry services and cleaning services for customer’s convenience. The accommodation and food services have played a big role in keeping the company as the lead in the industry. The services are exclusively offered only by Cotemar, attracting more customers to them and giving them a higher ranking in service provision.

The company still seeks to employ new technology and enhance their services for continued service delivery and growth at

Keith Mann’s Dynamics Search Partners Pairs Up With Uncommon Schools

Keith Mann and five of his executive recruiters from Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) showed up for their first meeting at the Uncommon School to help soon to be graduating seniors with building the resumes that will be added to the student’s college applications.

This first meeting is the start of a year long partnership where DSP will provide guidance and workshops offering skill building for students entering college. DSP has also offered their email address so students can send resumes for review during the year. The students and faculty were very excited to have DSP partner with the school and DSP hopes that the partnership lasts many years. Keith Mann is already looking into making the resume workshop for seniors an annual event.

This partnership was possible in part by Keith Mann’s passion for education. DSP has donated $10,000.00 to the Uncommon Schools for help in operating costs. Mr. Mann has always been a champion of education, as his business helps pair college educated persons with companies that are hiring internal strategy, marketing, and investment professionals.

Mr. Mann has a 15 year work history in the investment search industry and is a hedge fund expert. He has worked with all levels of investment hiring and is now the CEO of Dynamics Search Partners managing the day to day operation of DSP.