Get To Know Trail Blazer Susan McGalla

Studies prove that companies who have racial diversity outperform companies who do not by over 34%. The same has been realized with gender diversity by 15%.

The wide gap in performance is believed by many to represent the power of different minds coming together. Unified unique points of view ensure that you’ll have a clearer view of whatever you’re analyzing. And even with these statistics, there are only a minute number of women in power positions within the S&P 500 index.

Trail Blazer

Susan McGalla has been a trailblazer her whole life. She’s a hard worker because she knows from experience it pays off. She has risen to top-tier positions within all of the organizations she’s ever been affiliated with.

She rose to the top of American Eagle Outfitters changing its internal structure along the way. Not only was she the first female executive within the ranks before she departed from the company she held the position of president.

She launched P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. in January 2013 and is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburg Steelers. She was involved with the “Wear What We Wear” campaign that improved the sale of steeler’s merchandise by appealing to the fans.

Networks and Initiatives

Over the years there have been women’s initiate and networks that have made a difference. Provided with just an opportunity women not only show up to their responsibilities they crush it.

Change Is Difficult For Some

There are some who fear change and strive to stop this evolution. With only 25% of senior roles in business being staffed by women men still, hold the lion’s share of power in the business sector.

What Is The Solution?

Executive sponsorship is the answer to combat the discrimination. Contact a high ranking executive within your company and ask them to sponsor you. You want a sponsor who can create opportunities such as heads of departments, projects and/or positions. This gains you an asset in your career path and an ally in your fight against discrimination. Be like Susan McGalla and blaze your trail.