Sheldon Lavin: Continuing His Career Even In Old Age

Sheldon Lavin is quite a remarkable individual who has been one of the longest tenured CEOs in the meat industry and is over 80 years old, but his goal is to keep going and continue to reach for more. He’s seen a lot of changes from the growing of a local meat wholesale company into an international processing and distribution corporation, changes in meat processing technology and marketing and the acquisitions of many companies along the way. He even won the Global Visionary award from Global Vision Academy this last year. One of the reasons Lavin has aspired to keep going is the people he works with and that his company serves.

Sheldon Lavin joined the company back when it was known as Otto & Sons. It was a company that started out as a butcher shop founded by Otto Kolschowsky, and his sons had turned it into a bigger company that had become partners with the McDonald’s restaurants. Lavin had been an investment banker who was running his own consulting firm when Otto & Sons became a client of his. He initially started as a fundraising consultant for the company and helped them make strategic investments, but then as McDonalds started asking for more growth from Otto & Sons, he was offered a position as partner and CEO of the company. Lavin initially didn’t want it because he was invested more in his consulting firm, but then he considered what he could do with the company and decided to accept and then become an owner who changed the company name to OSI Industries.

One of Lavin’s key objectives at OSI Group beyond generating billions in profits is has been making it a leader in safety procedures in the meat industry. In 2016, OSI Group won the Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council for making the workplace safe for employees as well as being conscious of environmental impacts. Lavin has not only devoted his time to making OSI Group a prestigious company, he’s also a member of numerous charities in the Chicago area including the Jewish United Fund, the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago and he is a former Director of the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. He was also given the Edward Jones award for community service at a gathering at the North American Meat Institute.

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