Alexandre Gama Sees His Work Awarded And Displayed Across The World

Alexandre Gama has built a career and reputation for creating some of the world’s most successful advertising campaigns; the success he has found as an advertising creative at his own Neogama agency and with companies across the globe has seen his work achieve some of the world’s most prestigious awards and be placed on display in impressive locations.

Despite being best known for the film side of the festival, Cannes is also a major advertising gathering for industry leaders where Alexandre Gama has been rewarded for his work on many occasions. By 2016, Gama and his agency had won 23 Cannes Golden Lion awards and the Rio based advertising executive had been given the honor of becoming the first Brazilian to give a masterclass at the festival.

In his home country of Brazil, Alexandre Gama has developed a reputation as one of the most important executives in the country, even being voted the seventh most influential person in the history of Brazilian advertising. The reputation of Alexandre Gama has seen his advertising work displayed at the Brazilian Art Museum, which remains the only major display of advertising work by a single creator in the history of the nation to show how important his work remains to many.

View Alexandre Gama’s award winning commercial for Johnnie Walker: