Book Fix for Game of Thrones Addicts


Ok, so you read through all the “Game of Thrones” books and now you are experiencing some withdrawals. All good fantasy keeps your emotions jumping from one thing to another, includes some flawed characters, some blurred lines between good and evil, and some epic battles. Here are eight great books like Game of Thrones, some classics and some brand new, that will feed your addiction and keep you wanting more.


“The Mists of Avalon”-7 books by Marion Zimmer Bradley (classic Arthurian Legend)  There are also tons of great ancient war movies about King Arthur if you’re into that sort of thing too.

“Fatemarked Series” –3 books by David Estes (brand new series, some are marked for destiny)

“The Tales of Goldstone Wood” -6 books by Anne Elisabeth Stengl (dragons, evil, good, and new worlds)

“The Staff and the Sword” –3 books by Patrick W. Carr (the fate of a kingdom is determined by the cast of stones)

The Pendragon Cycle” -6 books by Stephen Lawhead (classic Arthurian Legend)

“The Seventh World Trilogy” –3 books by Rachel Starr Thompson (there are whole unseen worlds and evil to be discovered)

“The Mistborn Trilogy”-3 books by Brandon Sanderson (magic and martial arts, heroes and a darklord)

“The Book of Deacon Series” -4 books by Joseph Lallo (the fate of the world rests on one young woman)

“The Earthsea Cycle Series” – 6 books by 


Nothing says, “escape from this boring existence” or “inspire me to keep going” like a good epic fantasy! All of the above books will do just that.