BlueBat Games To Step Up To The Plate To Develop More Games

It seems that at least one Canadian company is prepared to help create more social games for various casino properties. Their ambitions are very high, but that is why so many are excited for the possibilities that could come from these partnerships.

BlueBat Games is a Vancouver-based company that has struck deals with the Seminole and Hard Rock Casino locations in Canada to provide more social gaming for them. This could involve literally having people play over the Internet to earn coins and tokens as well as real money gambling.

There are some exciting new features that are expected to be developed by BlueBat Games according to reporting from This includes something known as the currency exchange. That is when a player exchanges coins or tokens that they win in a physical casino for the equivilent in the online casino.

Allowing players the opportunity to do that would create a seamless transfer between the real-world casinos and the properties that are hosted online. In both scenarios, the player is able to earn tokens and coins that are rewarding them for their gameplay. Essentially, everyone is a winner when it comes down to it with this.

BlueBat Games is happy to try to help push a more social aspect to casinos for their clients. That is something that casinos are increasingly having to turn to in order to attract younger clientale. The younger crowd simply does not enjoy just putting their money in a slot machine and watching it spin like older generations did. They want a more interactive experience, and that is what BlueBat Games is trying to provide to them.