Choosing High Quality Shea Butter for Your Beauty Routine


Your skin and hair will be softer than ever before once you start incorporating shea butter as a regular part of your routine. The benefits of using shea butter go far beyond the lasting hydration it brings to your skin and hair. Levels of SPF are naturally found in shea butter which helps to protect your skin from sun exposure. If you use heating tools on your hair regularly as a part of your styling routine, your hair could benefit from the heat protecting properties of shea butter’s SPF levels as well. Just be sure to allow the shea butter to dry before you begin passing the flat iron over your tresses.

When selecting shea butter be sure to select the most high-quality version in order to reap all of it’s tremendous benefits. Raw unrefined shea butter can work wonders for your skin and hair.

Eu’Genia Shea is a brand of raw unrefined shea butter that is made from locally sourced and harvested shea nuts in Ghana. There are three different formulas to choose from when selecting which shea butter product is best for you. Those formulas are as follows: Everyday Shea Butter (Some Shea), Pregnancy Strength Shea Butter (More Shea), and Dermatologist Strength Shea Butter (Most Shea). All three versions come in a variety of sizes as well as a customizable gift pack that you can choose to receive on a monthly basis.

Although shea butter is the primary ingredient in each formula, there are other ingredients that enhance these properties, making for a more luxurious and fragrant experience. Some of Eu’Genia’s products are made with shea oil for ease of use. Shea oil is derived from shea butter and it is high in essential fatty acids. Nourishing baobab oil is also used, which comes from the “Tree of Life,” otherwise known as the baobab tree. Eu’Genia Shea also incorporates moringa oil in their ingredients, which comes from their partner True Moringa.

Build Your Hair With An All Natural Cleansing Conditioner

Are you tired of that oil buildup or dirt in your hair from the elements or by working as a busy professional? Rebuilding your hair from damage is another main concern for most women. They notice the effects of chemicals, perms, and dyes and are looking for a solution that will give their hair the strengthen that it once had. Most women want an affordable all natural product for their hair. Wen by Chaz provides a cleansing conditioner that is guaranteed to give your hair a rich deep cleanse that will give your stronger hair in under 30 days.

Wen by Chaz is committed to all natural hair care products that cost less than the competitors. Wen by Chaz uses all natural ingredients that will give your hair shine and definition. Many women around the world already rely on Wen by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner for maximum results after every wash. One young lady discovered that it was her go to hair care product and reported the results to the Bustle online readers as a first time user of their products. She complained about her thin hair and finding a reasonably priced product. She used their conditioner after every wash and noticed far less breakage in the shower.

She now recommends the Wen by Chaz products to all the Bustle online readers as being a top hair care product for women with all hair care types. Your hair is very important to the people that want to grow their hair and have industry locks that display an all natural perfection. Giving your hair the nourishment that it needs will promote healthy hair growth.

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