Onelogin is Helping to Change the Security Game

Any system that grows and functions properly requires management and maintenance to make sure that security and accessibility do not conflict with each other. This is true for web-based technology especially when it comes to the ever-growing concept of the cloud. One of the major issues of safety and access that Onelogin handles for businesses while they are upgrading their software-as-a-service interaction with it providers is shadow IT.

This term and concept is not nearly as ubiquitous and threatening as the name may suggest. It simply refers to any device, server or hardware that is not exactly authorized to access a company’s cloud-based it information doing so. This could be an employee logging on to check their email while using the company’s WiFi that is purely business oriented but simply not previously authorized to do so.

As a result, it may or may not look suspicious. In a company of 12 employees in a small rented office at a plaza somewhere out in the sticks, this might not be a problem because any red flags that come up from an IT provider, such as Onelogin, can be dealt with by shouting across the hall “hey, what are you doing”. However, when a company is a multinational establishment with thousands or even hundreds of thousands of employees having people search what they want using cloud-based technology can become a little bit more confusing and to a point counterproductive.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem is pretty much the same as it has always been as far as security and access ability is concerned. Onelogin suggests that the answer all comes down to managing departments and software instead of the individual persons within an organization. Instead of allowing everyone a blanket password or generic code to surf the web as they may need to during their work day, it is more prudent to give levels of access according to departments instead of giving credentials to individuals on a case-by-case basis.

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Using OneLogin for Smarter and More Secure Manufacturing

As the technology available for manufacturers advances, the need for more stringent security has increased as well. Facilities in the modern era of manufacturing now have multiple assets and sensitive data that are transferred digitally. This process can lead to potential security concerns without using the proper measures to protect it. Security services provider OneLogin offers solutions through cloud-based security to guard the manufacturer’s assets and add new convenience to using and storing data.

Traditionally, most manufacturers have relied on identification security that was local and specifically on the company’s premises. Since technology has progressed at a rapid pace, many businesses included in an overall supply chain can number in the thousands, leading to a greater need for centralized security. OneLogin offers cloud-based products and services that consolidate the security process and add important tools such as secure socket layer technology.

The solutions created by OneLogin allow for easy, verified access to a host of applications by each approved team member. Using cloud-based services can ease a lot of strain on the IT department by reducing the need for creating tickets on something as simple as a password that was forgotten. The centralized format of tools and services for employees also makes the hiring and departure process a much easier task for human resources, leading to increased productivity.

A perceived hurdle for some manufacturers may be the inclusion of applications that the company has used and will continue to use. The OneLogin suite of services includes integration of a manufacturer’s legacy programs and software, allowing for access to both old and new applications in one location. Manufacturers can develop new applications and maintain on-premises software through the same portal, which creates another time-saving feature for employees.

OneLogin includes numerous security solutions for businesses and has worked with manufacturers and other companies to create cloud-based access to applications. The security provider works closely with software developers and IT professionals to constantly upgrade its library and add new features that are geared toward convenient and compliant employee usage. The products and services from OneLogin are designed to add value to any business across different industries.

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