The Cool Kid’s Club of Anime

Anime is full of truly amazing characters, and I got my start on 80s anime. Here’s a small sampling of some of the most popular male characters and some of the toughest female characters in anime.

Goku, Light Yagami and Monkey D. Luffy bring popularity to this impromptu Cool Kid’s Club of anime. Goku, popular from many of the Dragon Ball series, is a Saiyan sent to Earth as a child to destroy the planet, but after a head injury caused him to forget these directives, he grew to be one of Earth’s strongest defenders. Light Yagami of Death Note fame was a Japanese high school student preparing for law school entrance exams when he stumbled upon a deadly notebook planted by a bored god of death. Light uses this as an opportunity to rid the world of criminals and evil-doers. One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy swallowed a devil’s fruit that turned him to rubber and he simply wants to be the best pirate he can be.


This club wouldn’t be complete without some strong girl power thrown into the mix. That’s where Mikasa, Hinata and Yoko, three of the strongest women in anime, come into play. Mikasa, from the world of Attack on Titan, uses complex gear to climb Titans and administer deadly blows. Hinata, once a shy and quiet girl of Naruto, proves her worth and becomes the second youngest ninja to create her own jutsu. Yoko, a sniper from Gurren Lagann, wages war against the beastmen, even though she and her crew are outnumbered, outmuscled and outmatched in every way.


These six characters bring both likability and toughness to the realm of anime.  For another list of anime you should probably watch, check out Ranker’s article on some of the most popular series of all time.