The Obama Administration believes social gaming can help save the ACA

President Obama’s signature piece of legislation, the Affordable Care Act, has not achieved the success its designers might have hoped. The administration and the governmental agencies charged with administering it are looking for ways to save it. More than a few people in the federal government believe that reaching out through social media and social gaming might be the way to keep the program alive.


The administration plans to take out adds in games on Facebook, and to take out ads on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook touting the benefits of the new program. The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services oversees the operation, and hopes it can bring younger, healthier people into the program.


The legislation requires younger, healthier people to pay into the plan. Although the law contains still penalties for people who do not carry insurance, many people still choose to go without coverage. The ACA was dealt a more severe blow in recent weeks when several large insurance providers, including Aetna, chose to pull out of the program.


The CMS does not know if it can pick up the slack, but it knows it needs to get more people to sign up. It hopes by targeting a younger demographic, it can help make up the shortfall caused by the companies leaving the exchanges.


Despite the supreme court declaring the law constitutional, it remains controversial. Republican candidates promise to repeal the bill every campaign cycle.