Adam Milstien on Linda Sarsour

Across the country there’s been a wave of anti-Semitism that has been on the rise surprisingly not on the alt-right as in the past, but now on the alt-left, asserts Jewish syndicate author of the online blog, Adam milstein. Adam milstein asserts that there have been an unlikely mix of the two groups which are predominantly spearheaded the wave new anti-Semitism in America. These two groups are surprisingly the women’s march group, and not surprisingly the Muslims. Adam milstein asserts that most Muslims blame Israelis for being overly powerful Zionist who control every aspect of life in the Middle East. When in fact, he asserts that that could not be further from the truth.

Adam milstein also asserts that there has been a growing parallel between president Trump and “Jihad extremists” according to the disillusioned women’s March leader Linda sarsour. Linda sarsour has led a “Jihad on Trump” speech, and Linda sarsour is the disillusioned leader of the feminist movement, according to Adam milstein, who supports Siraj Wajjah who was the famed co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings on New York City. She also supports the misogynist idea of “sharia law” in the Muslim World which essentially accepts the stoning of women and gays, and throwing of gays off of rooftops to their death.

On top of this, many colleges and even prominent ones at that have surprisingly growing their anti-semitic allowances and policies. Even what were once great universities such as Tufts University and New York University have now become hotbeds for anti-semitic views. For example, Tufts University has now issued a “disorientation guide” to students, which says that Israel is a white supremacist state when in fact it is not. New York University, in the Heart of the City, mentions Israel negatively 55 times in comparison to the only a handful of times in which extreme jihadist or even Donald Trump are mentioned.

A Look At Investor Michael Hagele

Michael Hagele is an investor in multiple technology companies, as well as different firms in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Hagele also serves as outside counsel for different technology companies in the aerospace and internet industries.

Hagele previously worked at the offices of Fenwick & West LLP in Silicon Valley. Hagele helps initiate different commercial agreements related to technology companies. Hagele also helps with corporate financing issues and M&A transactions. Hagele has also been involved in the licensing distribution, software, and hardware fields. Hagele received his Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Iowa and his Juris Doctor Degree from The University of California at Berkeley.

Hagele is excited about the future of Artificial Intelligence. Hagele specifically cites the multiple applications that Artificial Intelligence provides. Hagele has worked with several non profit companies to help improve their funding. Hagele has used different algorithms to analyze patterns. The patterns help Hagele and the non profit companies figure out ways to reduce costs.

Michael Hagele believes that a major reason why he has been so successful is because of his tenacity. People have to stay resilient during tough times. Hagele believes that it is important for people to incorporate new information into their thought processes, as that could potentially lead to very rewarding outcomes.

On the topic of entrepreneurship, Hagele believes that entrepreneurs should focus on making sure that the customer is always their main priority. Any decisions should be made with the best interests of the customer in mind. Hagele also encourages entrepreneurs to stay in shape. Having a daily fitness routine can help people re-energize themselves. Hagele believes that a simple act such as walking around the block can give people more energy every day. Hagele is also in favor of businesses using social media to help expand their customer base. Hagele believes that social media allows businesses to have meaningful dialogue with their customers.

Hagele uses a mixture of Microsoft Office and various Google web products. Hagele is a fan of the book Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow. View:


‘I Did Not Always Have It Easy’ Says Nick Vertucci

Success was not handed to Nick Vertucci on a silver platter. On the contrary, he had to work his way to the top and defy all odds that said no to his success. Nick’s journey was marked with hardships, debts, doubts, and pains, but he eventually beat all of them and used his lessons to pick others up.

At the tender age of ten years, Nick Vertucci lost the father and was left in the care of the mother, who had to work very hard to provide for her children. Nick confesses that he hardly saw the mum indoors as she always came late from her job. The mother took several jobs and the last shift ended late in the night when the kids were already asleep. At the age of 18, Nick was a senior and he had to leave the mother’s house. He lived off a van; he says at that point life was very hard and low.


However, Nick’s life took a positive turn when he started selling computer parts. The business was very successful but unfortunately, Nick forgets to save for his future. At this point, he had a wife with whom he sired three pretty daughters. As technology would have it, the dot com crash brought the computer business on its knees. Since Nick Vertucci had not foreseen this, he was hit hard and was forced to close his business. Nick had no money saved and for 18 months he had no income yet he had a family to support. To salvage the situation, Nick borrowed money and sank into deep debts that he could hardly pay. He also lost most of his property and only his house remained.

Real Estate

However, Nick Vertucci took a new path in life, when his friend invited him to a real estate retreat that would take three days. Although Nick did not want to waste a whole weekend, he reluctantly went to the meeting; luckily, that changed his destiny. As the speaker taught, Nick knew that real estate would be his next venture. Although he did not understand everything that was said, he felt that this was the way out of his debts. In ten years, Nick studied a lot on real estate and then ventured into the business with the best strategy on how to make cash. Currently, Nick Vertucci is a millionaire and him alongside his staff teach people about taking a successful career in real estate.

Infrastructure Specialist Felipe Montoro Jens Talks About BNDES’ Initiative

The BNDES is the most important official bank of Brazil, and they are responsible for many economic advancements that take place in the nation. The national bank, whose acronym stands for “National Bank of Economical and Social Development,” had one of its latest favorable activities a partnership with the Brazilian Government where both departments are treating and renovating the core sanitation of many places of poverty in the country, or locations where the sanitation system is outdated.


Edison Carlos, the President of Trata Brasil, which translates to “Treat Brazil,” gave his opinion about the initiative from both departments. According to the specialist, the changes that will take place are very beneficial for the future of the country, and the development of those areas where the basic sanitation is in need of maintenance will increase. Edison Carlos concluded that the partnership is also great news for the future of the nation since the government has experience in the market which can be complemented by an efficient corporation like BNDES.


Felipe Montoro Jens, which is a specialist in infrastructure projects, stated that one of the biggest improvements for the public sector coming from restructuring the underlying sanitation of these areas would be the decrease of water wastage. The important primary reason, according to the specialist, to the leakage of financial resources in that department is the unnecessary wastage that happens every day in these areas, and fixing this problem is a significant sign of growth for the country and hope for the local communities.


Felipe Montoro Jens received his Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, having graduated in 2000, and received his bachelor’s degree in 1993 from the FGV University. Since then, he served as Chief Invest Officer and Infrastructure specialist for years for national corporations and built a high reputation based on his extreme dedication towards growing alongside the country.

Brazil’s Recession Is Over, According To Government Officials

Brazil is emerging from the most devastating recession in 90 years. The GDP output grew by 1.0 percent in the first quarter of 2017. Even though government officials say the recession is over, some Brazilian business leaders disagree. More than 14 million Brazilians lost their jobs over the last four years, inflation is still over 10 percent, and the political strength of the country is being tested once again. But the record harvest of soybeans and an increase in exports gave the economy a boost in the first quarter.


The Brazilian stock market took a nosedive in May, but most economists and Brazilian business leaders believe the worst is over. One of those business leaders, Flavio Maluf, the CEO of building material manufacturer, Eucatex, is looking at the bright side. President Michel Temer is organizing new trade agreements with the United States and China. And Britain is looking for investment opportunities now that Brexit is underway.



Even though Brazil is in the world news because of the recession, Flavio Maluf believes there are several bright spots in the Brazilian economy. Flavio is excited about the new Brazilian tech startups, and he is also backing the Paris Climate Agreement. Maluf is a dedicated environmentalist. His eucalyptus tree planting program is a success. And his effort to reduce the country’s dependency on fossil fuel is well-known in the state of Sao Paulo, as well as in Rio, and in other cities.



Maluf is not giving up on Brazil’s ability to bounce back. He is helping the economic comeback by exporting more building materials to countries in Europe, and to states in North America. Eucatex produces paint, varnishes, floorboards, ceiling tiles, and other building products, and they are sold in home improvement stores across the United States. Eucatex products are also popular with Brazilian construction companies and with other companies in South America.



Flavio Maluf is also one of Brazil’s biggest supporters of renewable energy. All Eucatex factories and offices use renewal energy and follow recycling guidelines. Maluf continues to show his support for Brazil through the education and business programs.



Igor Cornelsen Outlines Basic Investment Principles

Brazilian stock market trader and banker has laid out some excellent and sound investment principles that all investors should take heed. These investment principles were published on his WordPress Blog on July 13, 2015. Here is the list of what Igor Cornelsen advises people to keep in mind and look out for when they are investing their money.


First, Igor explains what investing actually is. Investing he says, is a way that companies can grow and expand. From the investor standpoint, investing is a way for someone to make a return or profit off of money that they have. Cornelsen states that you can invest in actual businesses, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, real estate, commerce and any other activity that can be seen to generate revenue down the line. Every investment in the United States is overseen by the Securities and Exchanges Commission. Without oversight from this government agency, Cornelsen says that a lot of people would be defrauded by fraudulent brokers and investment companies.


Igor Cornelsen states that one of the main ways that people invest their money is through the use of a broker or investment company. You do not have to use the services of a broker or brokerage house but Cornelsen does state that doing so has benefits. A broker or investment banker understand how the financial markets work. They are trained for this and manage and invest on behalf of other people for a living.


Igor highly recommends you utilize the services of a broker or a financial advisor. This is especially the case if you want to invest in stocks, mutual funds or bonds. If you do plan on investing on your own, then you should educate yourself before you invest any money into these financial avenues.


Igor Cornelsen says that you should only invest money that you do not need. Otherwise, you are risking your own financial well being. Another tip offered by Cornelsen is to start investing as soon as you can. The earlier you start investing, the better of you will be down the road. Diversification is also important and helps minimize risks. Have both long and short term investments. Keep track of your investments and make adjustments as your goals or financial situations change. Develop a strategy and set some goals for yourself too. All of this will help you achieve better financial stability and make you a better investor.

Felipe Montoro Jens And His Views On Sanitation Services

There has been a recent announcement by the government of Brazil regarding the concessions that it will make through its partnership with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.


In fact, even Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil has spoken about this initiative. Trata Brasil is the Institute which is doing several activities dealing with basic sanitation. This is why he is the right person as he has the correct perspective on this initiative by the government.


According to him, it is a great initiative which the government has taken. This will ensure that the services get thoroughly improved in their management as well as implementation. It will impact the complete structure as well as the different resource areas of these sanitation services.


Another infrastructure specialist is Felipe Montoro Jens. He looks at these concessions from a different viewpoint completely. He looks at it with a perspective of decreasing the quantity of waste that is being generated.


Edison had another point to make. He clearly stated that over 90% of the basic sanitation services were performed by the public sector in Brazil. There were nearly 70% of all users that were served by the state organizations. This is why the initiative of getting a private player needs to be welcomed by all. Felipe Montoro Jens says that both these players work differently. They can work in a better way if they work together in a way that complements each other.


Edison Carlos specifically spoke about the long experience of the government bodies that can be leveraged by the other companies that are getting into partnership with them.


Felipe Montoro Jens clearly spoke about financial loss due to the huge amount of waste being generated. Hence such an initiative of a partnership between public and private enterprise will help in managing the financial resources also.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Successful Investment Tips For All Generations

While investment can be exciting because of the expected benefits, it also comes with a lot of challenges. From the shifting trends in marketing to the challenging and constantly evolving terminologies, it is one overwhelming field for most prospects. The fact is, investment is a risky venture especially for new individuals in the team. Some people do not have a clear clue of what it entails. For beginners, there is need to have a role model to look up to. One such individual to listen to and learn from is Igor Cornelsen. He offers the following investment advice.



Do not lose resources



As an investor looking to put up money in some docket, Igor advises not to lose money. Regardless of the terms that come with the opportunity, it is vital for an individual to avoid getting into risky ventures that could end up making them lose money. If a person realizes that the venture involves the loss of money and resources, one should leave the docket immediately. With most ventures posing as risky, it is vital to ensure that the damage does not involve the loss of money. This way, the resources can be utilized in other ventures.



Portfolio Diversification



It is vital for investors to focus on diversifying portfolios. This is the way forward to minimizing risks when it comes to investment. A diversified portfolio increases the chances of getting revenue from other sources. An investor should, therefore, spread risks across many channels of investment so that in case one channel is lost, another channel exists for future profit harvesting.



 Time Is Money



It is vital for investors to begin thinking of investment skills as soon as possible because of time, as they say, is money. An individual should not wait for old age or campus to start investing. For maximum returns, they should begin immediately. This offers a chance to grow in time with aging.



 Igor’s Profile



Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investment banker hailing from Brazil. He is known for managing some of the world’s biggest banking institutions. Igor Cornelsen commits to providing the best financial investment tips to beginners as well as investors who have been in the business for some time. He is a consultant committed to providing life skills investment tips.