Echo Fox Acquires Inero

Nick “Inero” Smith joins Echo Fox as their head coach for the upcoming 2017 NALCS summer split. Inero is an experienced coach who previously worked with OCE team Tainted Minds. When the team broke up, he looked towards North America for opportunities. Rick Fox and the rest of his organization welcomed him with open arms. In an interview, Fox said, “Smith is a great mind in and out of the game…he will help us qualify for worlds and claim titles.” While these goals might be a little far fetched after the spring split, we can definitely expect great things from the crew. Inero is a high elo player himself with fantastic mechanics and terrific game knowledge. A combination of his leadership and the expertise of Froggen and Akaadian will make Echo Fox a serious powerhouse in the summer. Inero and the players train at the Echo Fox house with studios elsewhere in Los Angeles. With access to the greatest training facilities in the world, Echo Fox looks to thrive in the new meta. Inero has plans for solo queue regiments and pick/ban strategies. Because the meta is constantly shifting, he will be keeping up to date the the latest power picks and ways to exploit enemies. Overall, this is a phenomenal pick up for a struggling Echo Fox. Under the right guidance and leadership, they can bounce back and become one of the top teams in North America.