Marc Sparks Dishes on the Importance of a Solid Work Environment

Marc Sparks is a serial entrepreneur who is behind creating Timber Creek capital. Timber Creek is a private equity firm that helps new entrepreneurs incubate and develop startups Sparks has always embraced innovation. for instance, he recently decided to move Timber Creek’s offices after more than a decade of being in the same area. The reason for the move is so that offices are now in a setting that boosts teamwork and the creative process altogether.


With the experience and success Sparks has gained over the years it’s safe to say he knows a lot about developing businesses and acquiring the right resources for it to become highly profitable. One thing he’s picked up along the way is how important the work environment is. A comfortable workplace leads to better ideas, collaboration, and work speed. On the other hand, if the workplace is uncomfortable you will see a decrease in each aspect. Sparks knows that workflow is more important than other entrepreneurs realize. When the work environment is full of synergy production is maximized.


Sparks has slowly become a philanthropist in the past years. His book They Can’t Eat You is motivational and enlightens readers of his own failures and how he overcame them to become successful. He hopes others will learn from his mistakes and find achieving their dreams much easier. Learn more:


Sparks also mentors companies through Timber Creek. He shares with them his strategies and methods of how to sustain a business. His 3 decades worth of experience as an entrepreneur really comes in handy when it comes to mentoring. He is extremely passionate about building up aspiring entrepreneurs that don’t want to fall into wage slavery. He has seen almost every level of entrepreneurial success and failure and this makes him qualified to give business advice to others.

Growing Significance of Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund and Other Migrant Rights Organizations

Migrant rights are one of the intensely discussed subjects in the recent years as humanity could watch the sufferings of many migrants across the world in the recent years.

It created wide-spread torture and inhuman treatments in various stages of the migrant journey. It should be noted that majority of the people who are facing migrant issues are either children or women, and this further extends the violations to greater levels. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

For instance, while coming to the recent deportations after Donald Trump assuming the power in the U.S., many of the children who migrated to the country from Mexico or other countries at very young ages are forced to return. Since many of them are deeply integrated into American society, the shift is a real pain.

All these deportations are by devastating their business, American families, and more. It is widely criticized that the Trump administration is following cruel policies when it comes to migrants. The administration has spoken in a way that more than 11 million undocumented migrants are a threat to the public safety of the country.

Various studies have proved that more than 90 percent of those immigrants have no criminal history or records, and some studies also showed that migrant neighborhoods in the country are much safer than other areas. However, Trump and his supporters portray the migrants as potential criminals and a real threat to the society. Read more: Phoenix New Time and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Though the attempts of the administration go beyond the normalcy and become civil and human rights issues in most cases, a number of reputed non-profit groups in the country is actively intervening into various migrant issues to reduce the struggles of those souls. While some of these groups are larger organizations with networks around the globe, others are initiatives in some particular areas or a setup by some individuals.

It includes Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union, Human Rights Watch,, and more. It should be noted that these organizations initiate petitions, campaigning programs, address various regional issues, and more. While coming to migrants, the groups financially support them, give them legal aid, offer healthcare programs, and more.

While coming to the initiatives of individuals, Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund is the perfect example with a clear vision. It was instituted by the journalists, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey with the settlement amount they received for challenging their illegal arrest by Maricopa County Sheriff.

The co-founders of Phoenix New Times were arrested on October 18, 2007, from their home at midnight for reporting a strange grand jury proceeding of asking news reporters’ notes featuring the Sherriff. Additionally, the grand jury even demanded the identity of the people who read the news regarding the Sherriff.

Considering their decades of experience in challenging various First Amendment rights violations, the journalist duo sued the county in the U.S. Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals acquitted both the journalists and granted them a settlement amount of $3.75 million.

Both Lacey and Larkin decided to setup Larkin & Lacey Frontera Fund to support various groups that are backing and advocating human, civil, and migrant rights along with freedom of speech in Arizona.

Susan McGalla – Encouraging Women to Lead from the Front in Corporate World

Susan McGalla is one of the leading names in the corporate sector of the United States and has played a very significant role in the success of the organizations she has worked in. Susan McGalla has held top positions at some of the biggest companies in the country in the clothing business, namely American Eagle Outfitters Inc, where she served as President, and Wet Seal Inc, where she served as Chief Executive Officer. Susan McGalla is also the director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and in the past has also been the trustee of the University of Pittsburgh.

Susan McGalla has done her graduation in business and marketing from the reputed Mount Union College. At Mount Union College, Susan McGalla also serves as one of the members of the Advisory Board. Presently, she runs her consultancy firm by the name of P3 Executive Consulting and is also the VP of Business Strategy at Pittsburg Steelers. In a recent interview, she was asked as to how the women today can progress and what tips she would like to give to contemporary women. In her response, Susan McGalla said that it is important for the women to complete their education and receive higher education at a top college.

She said it is important for women to follow their passion and pursue education in the field they are passionate about as that would ensure they are able to stay creative and motivated. Susan McGalla said that for higher education, tons of money is required and it is something that the women must be ready with. It is for this reason Susan asked women to manage their finance well and start saving early in their career. She says there would be many compromises that need to be made to ensure the future is bright.

Susan McGalla also asked the working women to focus on their performance and contribute to the success achieved by the organization they are working for. It is what would help them climb the ladder of success quickly. She also encourages women to be friendly yet professional at the workplace and build a support system that keeps their morale high.

How a Rocketship Education Gives Children from Low-Income Families a Brighter Future

More cities are catering to the needs of school-aged children who come from low-income families. This need is being met by the incorporation of charter schools. A group of charter schools in the state of California belong to a network known as Rocketship Education. The objective of this network is to provide students from low-income backgrounds with the type of education needed to succeed in today’s business world. Not only do they focus on educating students, but these schools also work to help empower teachers and actively engage parents. In fact, parents of children enrolled in the Rocketship network of charter schools are so actively involved in the education process they actually assist in the hiring of new teachers.

A recent online article focused on the efforts made on the part of parents to launch a new Rocketship school in their community. The parents of a five-year old were just two of the many parents involved in not only the hiring of the new school’s teachers, but also in the school’s construction process. A group of parents associated with the new school, have the opportunity to interview potential candidates for teaching positions before any job is offered. The feedback provided by parents is taken seriously by the administration in charge of hiring teachers for the charter schools in the Rocketship Education network.

The innovative approach to education taken by the schools in the Rocketship network has created a stir within many California communities. In neighborhoods where studies showed a decrease in prosperity for children from low-income families, the addition of Rocketship charter schools has given families a renewed sense of hope and a more positive perspective on their children’s futures. The change in the education provided to these children can be clearly seen in the city of San Jose where the Rocketship Education schools have grown steadily in the past decade. Educator’s in this area report significant changes in positions available for students who now have a realistic chance of graduating from high school and attending college. These educators attribute the change to the process of working together established by the system put into place by the Rocketship network.


Social Gaming Revenues Increase

Over the past five years, the amount of people who play games online with other people has increased considerably. This phenomenon, which is referred to as social gaming, allows people to connect and play with others across the world. While it has performed a great entertainment option, it now appears that social gaming is considered to be very profitable as well (

According to a recent report, there are currently over 2 billion people across the globe that play online social games every year. While the amount of games that people play varies considerably from one person to the next, this level of gamers is an all-time high. In fact, the amount of revenue that is earned from online social games has also broken all time records. In 2017, it is estimated that revenue associated with I’m going to social and will top $100 billion for the first time. This is about an 8% increase compared to 2016.

Online social games are currently played on a number of different platforms. Historically, most social games were played through laptop and desktop computers. However, more and more people are playing games through their phones. Mobile social gaming now accounts for about 10% of all social gaming.

While mobile social gaming is still considered a small segment of the overall industry, it appears that it could actually be the most profitable and lucrative. On a per game played a basis, mobile games seem to earn far more revenue and profit than traditional social games. This revelation is likely to have a major impact on the social gaming industry. More and more existing games are soon to be transformed to include a mobile application version. Furthermore, many developers are now focusing their efforts on developing games that are designed only for mobile devices.

Smartphone Are Shifting The Social Gaming World

There has been a great deal of chatter concerning the newest gaming consoles and games themselves which have been displayed at the lauded and well known E3 gaming conference. Yet despite all the fanfare about high powered and over-sized consoles we should make sufficient time to investigate the myriad different cell phone games which are, it is not to be considered hyperbolic to say, changing the world of gaming in the most radical of ways.

Mobile phones have advanced markedly in recent years and with their advancement the potential for mobile games have increased as well, almost in lock-step. With this advance a accompanying interest has been generated within the numerous big gaming companies such as Nintendo and EA Gaming, to name but a few. The recent and groundbreaking game, Pokemon Go is perhaps one of the best and most recent examples of what the mobile gaming platform could potentially offer to consumers with ever increasing frequency.

The game, Pokemon Go, was extra noteworthy for two primary reasons, one the game looked great and was extremely fun (as was obvious due to its skyrocketing to popularity to such a degree that it became something of a problem for car drivers who had to constantly dodge the enamored players!) and secondly, it was a incredibly social game – one which almost required a player to chat with others to assertain the location of rare Pokemon (the curious creatures within the game the player is seeking to secure).

While many players who would describe themselves as “gamers” take, at the present time, a fairly dim view of “mobile gaming” this opinion is very, very likely to change radically as mobile platforms increase in complexity to the point where they are just as capable as the latest XBox or Playstation module.

A Tip To Boost Your Fantasy Football Rankings With This WR

If you follow football and want to improve your fantasy football rankings then pay close attention to wide receiver Martavis Bryant. He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but will be out of action for a while due to suspensions from failing a drug test. Although he is not a consistent starter, when he does play, Martavis Bryant performs on the level of a WR1 receiver in fantasy football rankings.

Now before you get all excited and snatch Martavis Bryant up in order to boost your fantasy football rankings next time around, you need to consider this. Will he be suspension free? Is the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback going to remain healthy? Will he get some more game time? If you think that all three of these are likely, than you should definitely pick Martavis Bryant for your next football team. He is a bit of a gamble but can really boost up fantasy football rankings if he performs.

You can find more such tips by following the Fantasy Footballers podcast. It is your best source for fantasy football tips and advice. Listen to them on the web and check out some more of their articles to give your fantasy football rankings a much needed boost.


The Social Gaming Scenes Gains an Audience

Social gaming has become a big deal all over the world. There’s nothing better than having access to other people that like to play the games that you play. For long time people have been playing against computers, but this has certainly gotten old. It is so much better and easier to have access to friends online that are interested in the social gaming scene. This is why many games have become popular. Many of the World of War and Minecraft games have become incredibly exciting because there are people around the world that are playing together.

The great thing about social gaming is that you do not have to know the person you play against. This does not have to be a friend that lives down the street or a friend from work. It is fine if you are able to connect with people that you know in person, but there are many people that would rather not know the people that they are playing against.

This increases the level of excitement. Many people that start off playing these strangers through social media gaming sites may actually connect with these people on a friendly level. Social gaming is definitely the concept that people are talking about right now when it comes to gaming. This concept has become incredibly popular because there are tons of people that have high-speed networks, and they have the ability to play online for endless amounts of time. There are also people that are interested in connecting with gamers through their phones.

The app stores for Apple and Google Play have a ton of free games that people will play on their phones in their spare time. The great thing about these games is that many of them allow you to play with multiple players.

Video Game Choices, Plentiful But Ultimately Meaningless

As games and gaming consoles advance in social connectivity, complexity and graphical capacity they have become increasingly theatrical. One thing that really helped propel a gamer into the character’s perspective was the usage of multiple choices that had a potent effect upon gameplay, especially if it the choice you had to make had a lasting impact. In games like The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Dark Souls I, II and III and Undertale the choices you make early on in the game effect the whole rest of the playing experience in a major way and usually those choices are irrevocable. One of the big rewards of this kind of Choose Your Own Adventure type gaming style is that, if the game was sufficiently complex, no two endings to your game would be the same. This presented the ability for you to compare and contrast with your friends to see what you missed on your first play through and also increased the replay value of the game as a whole.

Yet despite all these advances in narrative heft somewhere after the release and subsequent popularity of the multiple choice game, science fiction shooter, Bioshock, one notices a marked rise in multiple choice games but a accompanying steep decline in the impact of those very decisions. Consider the Telltale Games company which is a gaming company whose reputation almost entirely rests upon the usage of morally complex decisions within their games, such as in their Walking Dead series where players would regularly be tasked with deciding between several important characters to save during a life or death scenario. Now, on the surface, and for immediate purposes of story telling, these choices felt HUGE – that guy you’ve been helping the entire game is about to die, but so is your girlfriend! But you can only save one of them! Yet almost invariably with Telltale the actual lasting effects of the decision are effectively zero; they almost never change anything else in your play-through or have even the slightest effect on the outcome of the game.

This isn’t to say that what Telltale does is not impressive – it most certainly is – but speaking from a narrative angle it would be all the more impressive if these weighty decisions actually effected the rest of the game.

IDLife’s Approach To Health And Wellness Is Changing The Industry

Individually Designed Life also recognized as ID Life identifies an idea, a concept along with a way of life, but most essentially it identifies who IDLife is as a business. IDLife started around the theory that everybody is able to design the type of life they want and live it to fulfill their dreams. Regardless of whether your aspirations would be to accomplish superior health and fitness, communicate with like-minded individuals, manage your own personal small business, or simply have some fun, IDLife is here now to satisfy you where you stand and assist you to design the direction to exactly where you would like to be.

IDLife is a direct selling organization that brands and sells nutritionally goods, which experts claim to function as factors in personalized strategies made to help a customer’s well being. Smoothies, refreshments, dietary supplements and much more are typically provided from the business’s remarkable directory in a variety of tastes and supplements, offered by a devoted system of home party-based product sales associates. IDLife is an organization which supports the primary ideals of their customers first.

IDLife is a genuine company relating to the transaction of authentic products and solutions. Actually, Troy Aikman just joined up with the company as an investor and also the established spokesman. They have investors and backers such as the billionaire Perot Family and Len Critcher.

IDLife is interfering with the vitamin and mineral health supplement marketplace, a $23 billion dollar industry in the United States alone. In accordance to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, the marketplace is extremely fragmented, using the top 5 businesses comprising just 20% of the industry. IDLife is an overall health business that’s around the cutting edge forefront of individualized nourishment. There’s nothing like IDLife’s exclusive custom-made dietary evaluation available on the market, and IDLife is evolving customers’ lifestyles – equally via their own merchandise, in addition to their exclusive business structure.

IDLife is an organization that creates the most acceptable and high-quality solutions within the health and fitness sector. Nevertheless, in contrast to countless other wellness businesses in the profession, IDLife expertise is focused on getting close to overall health in a wiser way. For a long time, individuals have thought that to be able to slim down or get in shape, they required to exercise for a longer time or consume less food. On the other hand, IDLife thinks that the best way to attaining overall health would be to approach it more intelligently, utilizing technology and science to guide people to overall health.