Social Gaming Gets Bigger in Australia

In the world of the internet, digital devices have created a social gaming atmosphere. That means that people who don’t even know each other can connect, compete, and collaborate with each other across the world. All it takes is an internet connection. And Australian gaming company Aristocrat seems to have caught on to this trend.

Based out of Seattle, a company named Big Fish (which makes the game of the same name) was picked up by Aristocrat. The CEO excitedly mentioned the additional revenue and customer information potential.

“When you purchase a company like this, you’re getting the customer list just as much as you are the proven cash flows.” He said.

Time will tell, but it seems like the gaming giant is going to move more into social gaming as time goes on. Big Fish was a big catch, but it seems like there might be bigger fish to fry in the future.

Long gone are the days when companies stuck to their lane. Today, they constantly shift their focus and create new value to keep up with the digital realities we are all living in. When social gaming started becoming big, companies like Aristocrat noticed. From their humble start manufacturing equipment for gaming, they now have a whole new way to inject revenue. This is good for the gamer, because more opportunities and competition mean more innovation and better pricing for the consumer.

Animal Crossing Now Available For Your Phone

The wildly popular Nintendo game known as Animal Crossing is now available to virtually anyone with a smartphone. It was something that one would play on a gaming console in the past, but now it is available to those who just want to play a little something on their smartphone.

The app is called “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”, and it is in a lot of ways the same as the beloved game from Nintendo. The major difference is that it is not necessary to have a whole gaming system to luge along with you when you want to play. Just wipe out your smartphone and start playing.

It is free to get the app and start playing in the United States and the United Kingdom. However, there are a number of in-game purchases that a player may choose to make which bring more flavor to the game and make it a lot more fun.

For someone who has never heard of this game before, think of “the Sims” but with animal characters rather than humans. There is a lot of crossover similarity to that.

In the game, you are running a campsite that you must try to fill with all of the campsite essentials. This includes things like tents and furniture. However, you mostly want to attract as many guests to your campsite as possible. That is the only way that you will know that you have been truly successful in the game. Get those guests to come in, and you will have a lot of fun playing this one.

Research Points To benefits Of Gaming With Your Kids

When parents are asked to think of wholesome activities to do with their child, they might respond with singing nursery rhymes to playing catch in the yard. But now researchers at the Arizona State University Center for Games and Impact says that some video games are actually good for developing kids’ skills – and they get even better when parents join in.

The researchers indicate that kids love to interact with parents while they play, so even if the parent doesn’t join in, they can still ask the child to explain their strategy or the rules of the game. But even better is co-operative multi-player. Minecraft is one ideal environment for parent-child gaming, since it’s a 3D environment where you can build projects together. But if your child is mature enough (or aggressive enough), plain old first-person shooters can be fun on a server when you team up as a family against online opponents.

It makes sense that gaming together would be a bonding activity important to children. Kids are the digital natives of each gaming platform, after all. Interacting with a parent in a game’s universe lets the kid handle the interaction on their own terms, in a universe where they feel capable and confident. Whether it’s two-player Mario hopping around after coins, or wizards in Warcraft slaughtering orcs, virtual universes are just one more opportunity to share a family bonding experience. And who knows, your child might even be helpful in completing that one raid boss you can’t get on your own.

Free Trial of Destiny 2 Now Available

You can now try out the extremely popular online first-person shooter “Destiny 2” for free thanks to a trial version of the game that was released yesterday by the game’s creators. The free trial is currently available to download on the PS4, Xbox One or PC.


Everyone that downloads the “Destiny 2” trial will get the chance to play the first two campaign missions. You will also be able to play the award-winning competitive multiplayer mode. While you will only be able to access the multiplayer through quickplay, that still gives you a chance to explore several of the game’s beautiful planets with your friends.


Unlike most free trials, there is absolutely no time limit for the new trial of “Destiny 2.” You will be allowed to play multiplayer matches until your character reaches level 7. While the length of time to reach this limit will ultimately be determined based on your overall skill at the game, everyone should be able to get several hours of fun social gaming out of the free “Destiny 2” trial.


A free chance to play one of the biggest games of the year is the perfect way to determine if you want to join the “Destiny” community. The newly released sequel has greatly improved nearly every aspect of the original game, so this is a great way to give the franchise another try. All of your online character and campaign progress in the free trial will transfer over if you purchase the complete game in the future.

Aristocrat Acquires U.S. Company

In the world of gaming, you often hear of companies from the U.S. and Japan acquiring others. However, this time it is a little bit different from the norm you are used to. Australian poker company Aristocrat has inked a $1.3 billion deal to buy a really popular U.S. based gaming company that will help them grow their business.

Aristocrat bought Big Fish Games, which will make it grow to double its former size. Now it is the second biggest casino gaming business in the world when taking their total revenue into account on a yearly basis.

The CEO Trevor Croker said he expects it to grow his company’s footprint tremendously. Big Fish is out of Seattle and it makes all kinds of social and mobile games, even on desktop, such as Gummy Drop and Fairway Solitaire. The move should boost their overall sales as well.

At the core of Aristrocrat’s business, they make poker machines. This is something that they have done for a while now. However, they found that with mobile technology on the rise, they needed something to boost cash flow and pay off debts so they could grow and scale quickly.

This new move to acquire a competitor should serve as a future glimpse into what is possible, said the CEO. They hope the move will consolidate their position in the industry and compete with big players like those out of Nevada.

Magic: the Gathering Artwork Taking More Progressive Turn?

The collectible trading card game Magic: The Gathering has long passed its 20th anniversary, and it’s still going strong. Over the decades, the game has woven an elaborate fantasy universe filled with everything from dragons to zombies to pirates to wizards, and everything else. But one aspect of the Magic universe has usually been consistent: the game’s fan base has traditionally been male, so the game’s artwork thus tends to favor the male gaze whenever depicting a female.

But one sharp set of eyes over at’s Motherboard has noticed something different about a female snake character: A lack of prominent female breasts. In asking why she doesn’t have mammary glands, one might be tempted to reply “Because she’s a snake, dummy!” But in the Magic universe, that never slows them down. The article goes on to show examples from the game’s artwork of everything from humanoid cats to hissing vampires, all of whom could fill out a D cup nicely.

Wizards of the Coast, makers of Magic: The Gathering, do seem to be trying to open the game’s culture up to be more inclusive. Just this last year the Magic universe introduced its first black female planeswalker, traditionally being its marquee brand of character. Recent expansion sets have also introduced a bi-racial couple and a transgender legendary commander character.

It goes to show, equal representation counts, even in the universe of a fantasy card game.

Latest Remote Server Gaming Technology Launch and Deployment

Spin Games announced the deployment and launch of Spin Games’ ROC™ Remote Gaming Server together with world leader in Inspired Entertainment and Virtual Sports within the iGaming market. Virtual Sports enables players to bet on Random Number Generated (RNG) animated sports events. The launch will have five distinct sports selections from Inspired games portfolio including: soccer, car racing, horse racing, motorcycle racing and dog racing



Established in 2012, Spin Games LLC is a leading global gaming company and provides disruptive gaming solutions through innovation, passion and excellence. Spin Games supplies to both land-based and interactive market sectors, concentrating on distinct game content, disruptive gaming technologies, and innovative gaming entertainment. It conveys wide-ranging industry skills – its innovations are ‘out of the box’ inventions never seen before. The company boasts of a robust intellectual property portfolio such as patents for Remote Gaming Server Multiplayer Interactive Gaming, and other captivating game concepts.



The launch is momentous for Spin Games, as it represents another deployment of the latest version of Remote Gaming Server in the company named ROC 3™. The technology also integrates Inspired’s Virtual Sports technology and game offerings. Inspired is also a global games technology company that supplies server-based gaming systems, mobile gaming, virtual sports with associated digital content and gaming terminals including betting, regulated lottery operators across the globe. Currently, Inspired operates over 30, 000 gaming terminals and provides its virtual sports products to over 34,000 venues on over 100 sites in 30 countries.


Blizzard Entertainment Announces Starcraft II With A Few Catches

The gaming industry is changing how it distributes games and even free versions are starting to become available and not as just demos. That’s among the developments happening with the new Starcraft II from Blizzard Entertainment. This game is adding more levels of action and suspense to what was there on its first Starcraft release, and after adding a free version for that edition, Blizzard decided to do the same with number two.

Starcraft has risen up among Blizzard’s other games as one of the most popular strategy games across the social networks, and with this edition there are basically three expansions that you can get. The free version is the human one, and then Zerg and Protoss can be bought either as their own editions, or Blizzard is rolling out those two packaged in with another bonus in Terran that can all be purchased together at a discounted price.

The thrill of the game of course is unlocking a lot more levels as well as more commander modes and maps. You can get those modes if you buy the bonus pack, or you can also get them if you register online and get certain wins within basic play. The general idea of all these moves is to help the game gain the attention of newcomers who want to know about everything their Starcraft pro friends are talking about. Best of all, it can be done without having to break the bank buying the whole edition only to find you don’t believe it lives up to its billing.

New Gaming App Will Help Fight HIV Epidemic

A Filipino scientist has developed a gaming app that will help fight the HIV epidemic. The name of the app is the Battle in the Blood. It is a puzzle and combat game. Emmanuel Baja is a research associate of Clinical Epidemiology National Institute of Health of the University of the Phillippines-Mania. He stated that the aim of the game is to get rid of the stigma associated with HIV. He also wants to encourage more people to get tested.

Baja stated that one of the reasons that HIV is an epidemic in the Phillipines is because people refuse to get tested. People do not want to go to the clinic because they are afraid of the possible results. Baja wants people to know that HIV does not have to be a death sentence. There are a number of medications that can be used in order to treat it. People who take their medications are often able to live long, healthy life. HIV can be managed just like any other chronic disease.

Baja came up with the idea for the game. He collaborated with UP Manila from the Phillippines and the United Kingdom team from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Baja stated that people will have to beat 90 levels in order to beat the game. People can customize their character and make it male, female or transgender.

Nick Vertucci Shares His Expertise in Real Estate

Are you ready for the master class in real estate investing? If you are, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy can give you the tools necessary to build a successful career as an investor and specialist. The celebrated career of Vertucci has been marked by a journey of discovery that was characterized by perseverance and persistence. He has developed a wide range of experience in the field and his expertise is at the highest level.

Nick Vertucci has established his academy to help others enjoy the fruits of success and take a firm grip on their lives. Financial want is something that he is quite familiar with and it left a deep impression on him. In the wake of his amazing accomplishments as a real estate investor, he has made it his purpose to give back with his world-class training that is available at his academy. Financial independence is now possible for so many others as well.

A career in real estate seemed unlikely to Nick Vertucci until he grudgingly tagged along with a friend to a seminar on how to invest and prosper in the business. Despite his initial reluctance, he found himself enthralled by a career in real estate and found his life’s calling in the process.

His journey of discovery on the real estate trail was marked by extensive study, trial and error, and downright dogged persistence. His extraordinary efforts to become an expert paid off in a spectacular way as he’s earned a fortune in the business and hopes to help others do the same.

Giving back is part of his character that seeks to do good for others and he’s been inspired by the painful setbacks and chapters in his own life. He lost his father at a young age and endured the failure of a business before his outstanding career in real estate finally brought him success and satisfaction. Nick Vertucci is living proof that the American Dream is alive and well.

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