Atari Plotting A Comeback

Just about everyone on the planet remembers when Atari was King of the consoles. Now, the new generation of social gaming enthusiasts are far less excited about Atari or the return of Atari to the gaming world. Of course, Atari is plotting their comeback with a few new innovative games that will capture the attention of the public and some of their old fans. The hope is that the new games do not end up in a New Mexico landfill like thousands of old Atari games that did not sell well.

New Release Of Social Casino Game
Pridefest and a social casino game are sure to gain the attention of former Atari fans. The company is also taking a look at their back catalog of old favorites to create brand new television shows. Frederic Chesnais, a French gaming industry veteran is the man with the plan to turn things around for Atari. His big idea is to get the attention of those former Atari fans and bring them back in the fold. In addition, they are working diligently to capture the attention of today’s young social gaming enthusiasts too.

Atari Game Over?
Certainly, Atari officials do not think that it’s game over time for the company. However, a documentary is in the works by a major player in the game that details the story about the company dumping thousands of E.T. games in a New Mexico landfill.