Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Blends Patience With a Social Twist.

Unless you are completely new to the world of Animal Crossing, you’ll instantly understand why Nintendo’s mobile port, ‘Pocket Camp’, is the perfect vehicle for de-stressing at the end of the day. Animal Crossing has always been about plugging yourself into a relaxing and calm world and losing an hour or two in nature, picking fruit or running errands for your selection of adorable animal neighbors. Many steadfast Animal Crossing fans feared that Nintendo was going to lose the thread of what made their legendary franchise so appreciable when the news broke that there would be a mobile phone port of the title. Fortunately for us, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is just the right dose of relaxation with just the right dose of social outreach.

What makes Pocket Camp so perfect for both mobile gamers and social gamers is that it blends the aspects we love about Animal Crossing with the kind of outreach that we expect out of mobile titles. Pocket Camp takes you away from running your own village and plops you into your own campground, where you also have a camper that you can use to drive around the map. You’ll be picking fruit, fishing or running errands when you see the avatar of other gamers in the world. You can choose to visit their camp and see exactly how they’ve decided to decorate their space.

In the world of hyper-competitive and often-times violent video games, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a nice way to turn back the clock and relax for a little bit at a time.