‘Angry Birds’ Founder Out as CEO Amid Profit Decline

During the past three months, Mikael Hed has had various wild rides. During that time, he was encapsulated with capabilities entitled to achieve better business through the animation of engineered capabilities. Mikael Hed is the founder of the Finland-based company by the name Rivo Entertainment. He is also one of the most proficient business entities in the country, during his time in the United States. As a student, his business profile was strengthened through innovation and capacity. He was also a technology student committed to integrity and profitability. However, these past few months have caused havoc on his business profits.


This is a different story today. The company has also announced that Hed is about to step as the CEO of the company. For him, he does not want to head a business that is falling. However, the business strategy does not involve the marketing and development of capabilities that will not achieve better business entities in the country. In January, he stepped down as the CEO of the firm to give in for more to try working with a falling company. He has also promised to join the board of directors to foresee the decisions made by the incoming CEO.


Pekka Rantala is the incoming CEO of the Rivo Entertainment. He is the former CEO of Nokia Corporation. He has also served in the company as its Chief Commercial Officer. He has gained numerous benefits from working with the company in some ways. During that time he was working in the company, he saw it succeed in business and strategy.