A Tip To Boost Your Fantasy Football Rankings With This WR

If you follow football and want to improve your fantasy football rankings then pay close attention to wide receiver Martavis Bryant. He plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers, but will be out of action for a while due to suspensions from failing a drug test. Although he is not a consistent starter, when he does play, Martavis Bryant performs on the level of a WR1 receiver in fantasy football rankings.

Now before you get all excited and snatch Martavis Bryant up in order to boost your fantasy football rankings next time around, you need to consider this. Will he be suspension free? Is the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback going to remain healthy? Will he get some more game time? If you think that all three of these are likely, than you should definitely pick Martavis Bryant for your next football team. He is a bit of a gamble but can really boost up fantasy football rankings if he performs.

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