A Look At How Social Gaming Is Evolving

When you think of social gaming, what do you imagine? Social gaming often entails people playing online games where they interact with people such as in World of Warcraft. Online multiplayer games through the PlayStation or the Wii also let players compete against other people from distant corners of the world in video games. These games also have a chat function or another way to interact with each other.

Of course, one of the oldest forms of social gaming is merely adding controllers to a video game system and playing a multiplayer version mission or game on that gaming system. These kinds of social gaming avenues have been dominant. However, there is a new form of social gaming that is appearing.

A company called ESC games is developing social gaming that is targeting a new market. They are creating social games which don’t use your TV or computer, but a massive movie theater screen instead. Instead of a TV speaker or computer speaker, they have a professional audio and lighting system.

This kind of social gaming utilizes new technology and provides people the chance to experience what the company calls pick up games that are highly interactive, and that can accommodate more than the standard 2 or four people that social gaming elsewhere entails. Such new social gaming is described as being a sports arena of sorts. Instead of playing a pickup game of sports, people can play a pickup game of video games against many other players.

There are tournaments and prizes at these eSport arenas. Games are also highly interactive and can feature dozens of players that gaming consoles just cannot handle. This new kind of social gaming has not only been a hit among gamers, but it has attracted traditional non-gamers as well. It is good news for retailers looking to draw customers back to their shopping centers.