Thirteen Methods To Say Hello In Chinese Language

Thirteen Methods To Say Hello In Chinese Language

(chīle, nǐ ne?), the literal translation of “I’ve eaten and also you? .” It’s used to precise that you just care about the different particular person and is much like the expression “how are you? If you ever go to a Chinese talking nation, that is what is mostly heard among young individuals. If you hearken to its pronunciation, you’ll discover it feels like “hello” in English. In truth, 哈罗 (hā luō) is a loanword the Chinese borrowed from English.

As a matter of fact, most Chinese people greet those that work as lecturers with 老师好 even if they’re not their trainer. If two people who find themselves across the identical age and who see one another as equals are introduced to one another, they could say, “你好,你好” whereas shaking one another’s arms. If they already know each other, nevertheless, they’re extra likely to use a more informal greeting. “Nĭhǎo” is just one of many different greetings used by Chinese speakers, however. Read on to discover some of the many various ways to say to “hi” in Chinese. Next time someone asks you this, you don’t have to stick to 你好 (nǐ hǎo) – it’s very attainable they already know that one anyway.

Mandarin Chinese Language

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To make it sound more casual, Chinese folks even combine a xìng (姓) and a nickname prefix to make a nickname. Lǎo (老, old), xiǎo (小, small), dà (大, huge) and ā (阿) are fairly frequent nickname markers added in front of xìng (姓). The commonplace, nicely-known greeting which is among the first things anybody learning Mandarin will study. Literary means “you good” and can be used in a wide range of conditions. 你 (ǐ) is the casual form of “you” and is used for greeting friends and associates. Thus, the formal form of “howdy” is ►nín hǎo – 您好.

您好 (nín Hǎo)

Similarly to the casual version of hello (你好 – Nǐ hǎo), the formal version simply consists of an additional N making 您好 “Nin hao”. Yes, whereas in Mandarin you’d say 你好 – Nǐ hǎo, in Cantonese the pronunciation is barely different, Neih hou. The literal translation “very long time, no see” has also started to make its method into the English language. Used when old pals meet, this is a very optimistic, joyful greeting. ” in all probability the only greeting which has caused essentially the most amount of confusion. But did you know that except those three, there are a minimum of 17 other ways to greet someone in Mandarin?

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