Ted Bauman Relishes in the Connection With His Readers

Ted Bauman has been a part of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 where he works as the editor of several recurring articles including the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B club. There he touches on a number of financial topics but specializes in low-risk investments, international migration, and asset protection. Throughout his life, Ted Bauman has been dedicated to connecting people with the necessary resources to lead a life rife with financial independence. Although he was born in Washington D.C. and raised on the nearby eastern shore of Maryland, he relocated to South Africa during his early adulthood, where he attended The University of Cape Town for postgraduate studies, eventually earning degrees in History and Economics. He would go on to spend 25 years of his career in South Africa, serving in a number of roles regarding the non-profit sector. Learn  more on crunchbase.com about Ted Bauman.

On a typical day, after taking his daughter to school, Ted Bauman immediately begins work at his home office. Finding that the morning is the most productive time of the day for him, he adheres to a strict schedule regarding this time period, making to sure to avoid distractions. At times, his workday can begin as early as 5:00 am, ending at 5:00 pm each day. Beginning work early in the morning allows him to tackle the most difficult parts of his day immediately, as it is imperative that he utilize time management to the best of his ability for maximum efficiency. As a writer, Ted Bauman believes that, in order to bring his ideas to life, he must utilize his writing skills to the best of his ability, particularly when covering banal topics that might cause the reader to lose interest quickly. Because his connection with the readers of his columns is so important to the success of the message that he is delivering, he tends to pay close attention to rising trends amongst his audience. A trend that really excites him is the fact that his readers are becoming increasingly aware of the policies implemented by world governments that have affected the economic infrastructure. He believes that the trends associated with the free capital movement are revealing a number of contradictions, and although he has never championed government regulation, he does find it exciting that ordinary people are discovering these contradictions and calling them into question. For more info, visit:https://stocktwits.com/tedbauman


Multiplayer Gaming Bringing People Together

Multiplayer gaming has evolved into a popular diverse option for gamers. You can connect with friends and strangers across the globe. The rise of the technology age brings a new and improved gaming world with it.

The opportunity to connect with your friends at any time online is a wonderful thing. No matter where you are with an internet connection you can game with whomever you choose to. First-person shooters like Battlefield and Call Of Duty draw a massive following, and they bring many people of all regions to join servers and play together. Sports games, shooters, and role-playing games require teamwork to succeed. This aspect of gaming encourages chatting via text or voice headsets to go into battle and get the victory.

The upswing in YouTube popularity has assisted in viewer and player interaction. Everyone wants to be connected to one another, and multiplayer gaming and cell phones give easy access to do so. The current generation is by far, the most active on social media and the Android and Apple game applications. One great aspect of the current gaming culture is it opens up lines of communication from many diverse groups of people. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity while playing Battlefield 4 to team up and chat with someone from South Africa. While playing great as a team, I was intrigued to learn as much as I could about South Africa compared to the United States.

We are in a time of great opportunity to bring people together and communicate while learning about others. The new age of gaming is exciting and interesting all at once. You never know who you will come across, and the conversations that may be had.

Plushies: Lime Crime’s Latest Creation

Lime Crime has grown into a worldwide powerhouse in cosmetics. The company has been around for a decade, and it has helped to bring new life back into the industry. This company was founded by Doe Deere, and it uses some of the boldest of colors. The colors are simply stunning to the naked-eye. Lime Crime also uses some of the most intense hues. This eclectic brand is an actual representation of Deere. She has always had a strong passion for vibrant colors and Lime Crime has set the precedent in this exclusive department.

Plushies is the latest creation from this brand, and it’s already being labelled as “the cutest release ever.” Plushies are the exact opposite of the components that has made LimeCrime so popular. This product is an actual lip tint that will enhance your lips’ natural color. Users will receive total coverage as well as a non-opaque look. Plushies will give you the benefits of being touch-proof as well as being water-proof. All it takes is one coat and you’ll be set for the rest of today. It would be very hard trying to find another lip tint that can mimic these actions. Plushies will also give your lips a more plush and softer appearance. Unlike other similar products, there is absolutely no flaking or peeling. That’s right! Plushies has set the tone for the new year, and it was one of the most highly anticipated products in the weeks prior to its release.

There are many different ways to apply the product. Consumers can apply the product without any layers of lip balm underneath, or consumers can exfoliate the lips before applying. If you want to make the actual tint a bit darker, just apply a second layer. All in all, Plushies are on another level, and they’ll be setting newer trends in the months to come.

Paul Mampilly: Renowned American Investor.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum published by Banyan Hill. Additionally, he began the newsletter called Profits Unlimited to help readers look into stocks that can be highly profitable.

Mr. Mampilly also heads two trading services called Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. In the trading service, he is also a writer that posts a column titled “Winning Investor Daily”. Paul has an specialized expertise in helping the typical Americans to be financially free through investments, technology, stocks and other profitable opportunities.

Earlier in Mr. Mampilly’s career, he served as an Editor in the Professional Speculator at Stansberry Research during most of 2015. He had several leadership experiences by being the Managing Director at the Kinetics Asset Management. He founded the Capuchin Group, where he also served as a writer and editor from 2003-2006. He also had financial experiences by being a money manager in several large firms at the beginning of his work history.

Paul Mampilly and True Momentum

Paul Mampilly started his investment advice company when he decided that he wanted to help more people succeed in their financial goals. He wanted to leave the Wall Street commotion, and reach out to the ordinary American to help them succeed in investing. Mr. Mampilly believes that he is fortunate to have discovered the publishing business that he now owns because it has integrated his all his skills coming from writing and financial backgrounds.

Mr. Mampilly puts a prime into the quality of his work. In a usual day, he does extensive research along with his team. For any stock pick, he goes through 30-40 hours of research with additional 20-30 hours of writing. He is very meticulous with what he gives as an advice to his readers so that future investors can get a highly profitable portfolio.

Paul Mampilly is also very optimistic about the future, as he sees the growth of “Internet of Things” sweeping across several industries. He observes that more industries will be incorporating the Internet of Things such as energy, healthcare, food, banking, and aerospace. Mr. Mampilly believes that the connectivity and accessibility that the internet brings is highly beneficial to improve almost all the different industries that the global market needs.

As a writer and a stock advisor, Paul Mampilly believes at always looking at both sides of the coin. Even if you think your insights are right, there is always a chance that it may not be. Doing the research, knowing what lies ahead and being hardworking are his keys to success.

To see Paul Mampilly’s videos @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEOyz2Lqgs9BS306scjVkRQ

Health And Positivity Will Spread Thanks To US Health, HOPE And Troy McQuagge

At USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge is working hard to promote his new initiative, H.O.P.E., a program focused on Helping Other People Everyday. Promoting this program is one of Troy’s number one priorities as there are many people in need out there that deserve aid.

Spreading a little goodwill and paying it forward to help other people on a regular basis is a powerful way to change the community at large and create a more peaceful and positive environment for everyone and with any luck, this effect can spread all around the world with everyone’s help. H.O.P.E.’s very first project was to aid in the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, which left thousands of people without shelter or food.

There have been a few people who ask whether or not the H.O.P.E. program is just about making the USHEALTH Group look better and stand out to the public. Troy McQuagge US Health has made it clear that H.O.P.E. is the core of what USHEALTH stands for as a company. A small look into Troy’s past shows his efforts in philanthropy and his desire to help others, which is exactly what H.O.P.E. expands on.

Troy McQuagge also started up the H.O.P.E. Kids program as a part of H.O.P.E. that is dedicated to helping young kids that have disabilities or dieseases that are life-threatening. This part of the H.O.P.E. program was one of the fastest growing and successfully made a difference in many young kids lives. This also opened the doors for new opportunity for the USHEALTH Group and the H.O.P.E. program as it allowed for more growth and office locations. The farther USHEALTH Group’s reach becomes, the more Troy can create a better atmosphere for everyone to live in. Learn more at corporationwiki.com about Troy McQuagge US Health. Read more on behance about Troy McQuagge USHealth

Troy’s vision has also been centered around helping others through his company and his own ambition this vision is becoming even more of a reality with the help of H.O.P.E. THe company staff shares the same passion for helping others and stand behind the H.O.P.E. program equally. This initiative has also had a powerful effect all over the country, leading to many more corporations setting up their own philanthropic programs.

Read this article:http://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/07/prweb13577904.htm


Dethroning The King of Video Games

After several months of intense debate, Todd Rogers, aka the King of Video Games, has been stripped of all of his recording holding titles by Twin Galaxies and Guinness World Records.

Last Monday, Twin Galaxies announced their decision as they concluded an investigation that arose under their new claim dispute process.
Twin Galaxies has also banned him from ever participating in any of their official activities in the future.

For years, people have questioned the legitimacy of Rogers’ scores, many of which date back to the early days of console games in the 1980s. Despite his claims to the contrary, most of his records lack any official evidence that they ever took place. In some cases, Activision, who originally held the most extensive leader-boards in the gaming world, simply took Rogers on his word that he had genuinely achieved the high score or low playing time.

In the modern gaming world, video records or the sworn testimony of official witnesses is required to claim any given record holding accomplishment. However, many of Rogers’ records are decades old, and most of his most famous exploits occurred before Twin Galaxies even existed.

The saga began in July of 2017 when an analysis of the programming code for the game Dragster revealed that Rogers’ claimed score of 5.51 seconds was impossible. At best, it would take at least 5.57 seconds to clear the game Dragster without extensive cheating or outright fabrication.

Rogers held the official record for over a dozen titles of well-known games. Stripping Rogers of his records effectively rewrites the history of gaming.

After Twin Galaxies made their announcement, Guinness World Records also removed their entries regarding Rogers, and banned him from submitting any more in the future.

Social Gaming Isn’t Always About Networked Gameplay

Social gaming gets quite a bit of attention in the modern press. Gaming has come a long way since it appeared in the modern form within early 70s arcades. Atari brought much of that experience to homes in the late 70s with the Atari 2600. And since that time the medium has become inredibly immersive. To the point where one could easily confuse many video games with TV shows.

And with that realism has come dynamic interactive socialization. People can talk to each other over their video games. But what many people forget is that social gaming isn’t about the digital connection. It’s about people sharing a common gaming experience with each other.

A recent story highlights the fact that social gaming isn’t something that’s unique to the past decade or so. But instead, it really began right with those first arcade games.

And even more when friends gathered around a newly purchased console to compete with each others. And, of course, to share stories with friends the next day. Whether in the schoolyard or by the office water cooler.

The article highlights somethings special about gaming. It focuses on something known as “troll games”. These games are absurdly difficult. But there’s something else to them as well. Their delightfully hard difficulty prompts discussion. As evidenced by the existence of the story itself.

The article points out that the economics of gaming has made it easier and easier over the years. But the harder “troll games” create a different type of social gaming experience.

People thrill in the challenges provided by these games. But most of the best troll games are impressively difficult while also staying absurdly fair. It’s exactly the type of thing that people love to talk about. It prompts discussion because there’s always a way to push through those difficult moments.

These type of ultra-difficult games have recreated that same experience brought about by arcades. People used to crowd around an arcade cabinet as someone reached high scores or kill screens. And now they socialize around ultra-difficult “troll games” in a similar way.

Screen Addiction Becoming More of a Concern

With modern advancements making mobile devices more prevalent than ever, many are expressing growing concern over what they’re calling an addiction to screens. People, spanning the ages from tweens to senior citizens, are spending hours a day staring into their computers, tablets, and smartphones. While this may mean they can be more connected with others and stay in touch with the news, it also may be a detriment to their health.

Addiction to technology can be addressed by monitored use and in some cases, complete withdrawal for a designated period of time. There are now therapy camps popping up around the country where young people can disconnect, engage in healthy behaviors, and deal with their need to constantly be online. In these camps, boys are typically the ones that are addicted to video games and girls are those constantly on social media.

Others are using technology to combat technology. Changing the way gaming apps and websites make money (which is primarily from advertising) can potentially reduce the hours spent online or gaming. If businesses are not expected to maximize the time in which their customers are using their platforms and instead focus on quality of the experience, screen time could perhaps be reduced.

A more forceful way to reduce screen time would be to use a type of app that locks you out periodically. When parents have the ability to stop gaming after a certain time in the evening, kids will have no choice but to turn things off and get a good night’s sleep.

Bill of Lading: Perry Mandera Enhances Service Delivery

Perry Mandera as the executive in charge of operations, sales, and business development at Custom Companies, Inc. continues to improve its quality of service and efficiency towards customer satisfaction. Online services attribute to the popularity of the company and its position in the transport industry. Electronic Bill of Lading (BoL) is one of the innovations in line with enhancing services in the transport firm. The document is mainly used in shipping. BoL has several functions that benefit buyer and seller as well as the carrier.

First, BoL functions as evidence of a contract of carriage. It is a legal document that a manufacturer can use when dissatisfied with the carrier concerning issues of breakage or any complaints on delivery. When shipping, the seller provides a carrier with parameters and description of the goods that determine how the goods should be handled or processed. If the seller or buyer is dissatisfied with the delivered goods, corporate laws base on the BoL to determine the loss hence source of compensation.

Secondly, the document confirms receipt of goods. The seller gets prove that a carrier has received the goods and in good condition. This is important in cases where buyers complain of receiving damaged goods. The seller can easily prove dispatch of intact goods through the BoL.

In addition to this, carriers as holders are granted title to the goods in transit. The carrier has the right to withhold the BoL until they have received full payment for the transport service. Besides, they can transfer to a third party as they wish, usually for convenience with regards to destination of the goods.

Perry Mandera graduated from high school in 1975 and joined the Military Corp Service. He served as a law enforcer until 1980 when he resigned and started his own business. After five years when he was 28 years old, he sold the business and joined politics. Perry Mandera served as a committeeman in the Republican Ward up to 1988.

Within his service in the Chicago ward, Mandera founded Custom Companies, Inc., refer also to customco.com. The transport firm has gradually grown to over $200 million sales per year. Perry Mandera is recognized among the top 100 American transportation executives. He is also involved in charitable activities across the United States of America.


How Highland Capital Management Is Investing In South Korea

Highland Capital Management is a company that offers mutual funds that invest in alternative assets like emerging markets, high yield credit, real estate, and structured products. Their mutual funds are bought by those who want to diversify their portfolios like financial corporations, pension funds, and high net worth individuals. It is a company that is based in Dallas, Texas, and has additional offices overseas as well. Read this article at Dallas News.

One of Highland Capital Management’s growing markets is South Korea. They set up a subsidiary there called Highland Capital Korea Ltd. This organization set up a private equity fund that invests in the healthcare industry. As of May 2017 they had $147 million invested in the mutual fund they manage.

The first and biggest investor in Highland’s South Korean fund is that nation’s National Pension Service. This department of the South Korean government was created in 1988 and is worth almost $500 billion. In order to manage pension funds, they need to be properly diversified. The goal of those who use this fund is beyond realizing investment returns. They also want to develop co-investment opportunities in South Korea, America, and China. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Highland Capital co-manages this fund with a South Korean venture capital company called Stonebridge Capital. It’s the first fund that Highland has created that specifically invests in healthcare in Asia. A company spokesman said that the healthcare industry makes up Highland Capital’s biggest investment in any one industry in regards to private equity. Altogether the company manages $1.5 billion in assets in this industry.

Matt Jameson works for Highland Capital as a co-head of the private equity group and as a managing director. When discussing healthcare he said that this industry, especially mid-market sized companies, represent a great opportunity for investors. He points out that the populace of the United States is getting older. He also said that in Asia more people than ever have access to healthcare services. This means that over time this sector of the economy is undoubtedly going to continue to grow.

Visit: http://www.highlandcap.com/