Social Gaming’s Twitch

In the past decade video game broadcasting has become a global phenomenon and new form of entertainment for millions of people all over the world. There’s no better evidence of this than the massive growth of the video game broadcasting website Twitch. Twitch has grown into one of the biggest online entertainment destinations in the world, giving video game fans everywhere a place to watch their favorite games and streamers. But Twitch was created to cater to more “core” gamers and wasn’t originally very concerned with its social features. Two former Apple executives saw that as an opportunity to build a product with a much more social focus.

Meet Caffeine

Caffeine, a game streaming service co-created by former Apple executive Ben Keighran, launched a new game broadcasting service that looks to battle Twitch and offer a more social, user friendly alternative to the established video game streaming service. The company hopes their platform attracts new user through it’s simplified broadcast process and ease of use, making it more appealing to content creators and viewers alike. It also features a wide range of social features, allowing viewers to interact with streamers and content in new and exciting ways. The company hopes these additional features help it compete with the massive success of Twitch and find a niche among viewers who want more social elements in their video game streaming experience.

Nick Vertucci – Real Estate Master

Nick Vertucci is a highly successful self made millionaire that made his fortune in the real estate industry. His childhood ultimately shaped who he is today and gave him the drive necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. While growing up, Nick lost his father at the age of 10, which forced his mother to work long hours in order to support him and his siblings. Seeing this made Nick realize the importance of financial stability in life, and led to the eventual success of his first business selling computer parts.

The computer parts business helped Nick Vertucci go from living in a van when he was 18, to having plenty of money in the bank by the time he was in his early twenties. During his initial success with his computer parts business, Nick met his wife and they had three daughters together. Everything was going great until the dot com crash in the year 2000. This caused his business to eventually fail, and Nick lost everything except for his home.

After being unemployed for around 18 months, Nick Vertucci decided to attend a real estate seminar with one of his friends. Although he had never had any experience with real estate, he was getting desperate for a way to get back in the game as a successful entrepreneur. While hearing the information at the seminar, something in Nick’s mind clicked and he knew that the real estate industry provided a viable business model. After years of trial and error, Nick was able to come up with a system that made making money in real estate a straightforward process that could easily be replicated.

Fast forward to present day, Nick Vertucci now runs a highly engaging real estate academy that teaches average people how to make money by buying and selling properties. Nick’s academy takes a hands on approach that has students learn the basics of wholesaling and flipping contracts, rehab and flip properties, commercial investments, and much more.

Anyone that wants to learn the real estate business in a hands on environment would do themselves a great service by enrolling in Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy.

How Neurocore is Helping People with ADHD

With diagnoses rising to 11 percent for children ages 4 to 17 in the United States, ADHD has become one of those common mental disorders for children. Though behavior health therapy is an option for those with ADHD, most are only able to take medication. With Neurocore, a brain performance center, children with ADHD can undergo therapy where they eventually don’t have to keep taking medication. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore was founded by former neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer with Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in 2004. Rochelle Fintelman, who is a clinical specialist for Neurocore, says that the clinic normally treats attention issues, stress, migraine problems, and trouble with sleep. The way that the clinic treats people is through biofeedback (helping people with how to breathe better) and neurofeedback (the use of patient’s brain activity charts with technology).

One of the methods of helping their patients (a combination of biofeedback and neurofeedback) is hooking up them up with electrodes on their ears and head to record their brain activity as they watch a movie. When the brain is under correct balance, the movie will play. However, when their brain activity or breathing becomes unbalanced the movie will pause or shrink on the large screen it’s played on. Over time, the brain will recognize the pauses and start to correct the patient’s brain waves on its own. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Through Neurocore’s use of biofeedback and neurofeedback, their statistics show that 75% of their patients have been able to either lower the use of their medications or cut them out altogether.

Neurocore is a very costly procedure out of pocket. It can cost up to $2,200 for a diagnostic test. This includes thirty sessions to be treated, which Neurocore says is the minimum amount of appointments needed in order for the therapy to have any kind of impact. But Neurocore does accept insurance, making it easier for people to have access to their therapy.


Celebrating God’s Presence At Mighty Fortress Church

Drawing attention to God and all He carries out in people’s lives, the Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota opens its doors for everyone to be present at its services.

The Mighty Fortress Church, which is among the most rapidly growing churches in the area, offers conventional Sunday services as well as Bible studies for younger parishioners, single worshipers, support groups and more. The band, choir and worship team enhance the warm worship atmosphere as well. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at

Bishop Thomas R. Williams, who is the senior pastor and founder of the church, has been active in the ministry for more than 30 years. His wife, Sabrina Grant Williams, also works with a number of the church’s daily undertakings. She has more than 40 years in the Christian ministry.

As a highly respected minister, Bishop Williams advocates for the word of God, as well as family and people. His mission takes in preaching and teaching God’s word while also advising worshipers to get ready for the Lord’s coming.

One of the Mighty Fortress church’s beliefs centers on each person communicating their appreciation to God while another involves the church making everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

Bishop Williams strives to make attendance an enjoyable encounter for everyone by sharing biblical beliefs for Christian living each week. He assures the congregation they will also be given God’s blessings, insight and spiritual energy. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

Another of the churches teachings is for believers to look after and take care of their faith. Mighty Fortress also makes honest answers available for the difficult challenges of daily living.

Bishop Williams graduated from North Central University with a B.A. degree and went on to receive a Master of Arts Degree from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul. In addition, he is the recipient of two Honorary Doctorate Degrees one from Midwest Christian College & Seminary and one from St. Thomas College.

Sabrina Williams earned a B. A. degree from Northwestern College and a Master of Education Degree from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis.


Bishop Williams and his wife, Sabrina have three children.

How Talkspace Revolutionizes Therapy

Getting help can be challenging. That’s what prompted the founders of Talkspace to create a startup that would make it easy and convenient for anyone to talk to a licensed therapist – online.

Traditional therapy often takes place in a scheduled appointment in someone’s office. But through Talkspace, you can send audio, visual, or text messages to a therapist at any time. If more help is needed, users often schedule a video chat, too.

Talkspace has seen its user base skyrocket since the 2016 election. According to a recent article in CNBC, Talkspace is growing even faster than its founders have projected – by nearly 80 percent. Most of the people who have placed calls are Millennials. The app has also seen more women and minorities, as well as LGBT individuals, place calls. CEO and Co-founder Oren Frank notes that while more people are seeking therapy through the service, it may not all be related to the election of Donald Trump.

Talkspace plans start at $49 per week, and the app is available for both iPhone and Android. For most people, this is much more affordable than traditional therapy, which can often cost up to $250 a session. They also provide couples and marriage counseling.

When a user signs up, they answer a few basic questions in order to get matched with a therapist. They then have the flexibility to message their assigned therapist anytime. Therapists usually respond once or twice a day, sometimes even more. And, if the first therapist a user talks to isn’t the right fit, they can switch as many times as they need to. Anonymity is always an option if a user feels more comfortable communicating that way.

Talkspace has been featured in many prominent news outlets, like The Wall Street Journal, Mashable, and CNN.

Ted Bauman Relishes in the Connection With His Readers

Ted Bauman has been a part of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 where he works as the editor of several recurring articles including the Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert, and Plan B club. There he touches on a number of financial topics but specializes in low-risk investments, international migration, and asset protection. Throughout his life, Ted Bauman has been dedicated to connecting people with the necessary resources to lead a life rife with financial independence. Although he was born in Washington D.C. and raised on the nearby eastern shore of Maryland, he relocated to South Africa during his early adulthood, where he attended The University of Cape Town for postgraduate studies, eventually earning degrees in History and Economics. He would go on to spend 25 years of his career in South Africa, serving in a number of roles regarding the non-profit sector. Learn  more on about Ted Bauman.

On a typical day, after taking his daughter to school, Ted Bauman immediately begins work at his home office. Finding that the morning is the most productive time of the day for him, he adheres to a strict schedule regarding this time period, making to sure to avoid distractions. At times, his workday can begin as early as 5:00 am, ending at 5:00 pm each day. Beginning work early in the morning allows him to tackle the most difficult parts of his day immediately, as it is imperative that he utilize time management to the best of his ability for maximum efficiency. As a writer, Ted Bauman believes that, in order to bring his ideas to life, he must utilize his writing skills to the best of his ability, particularly when covering banal topics that might cause the reader to lose interest quickly. Because his connection with the readers of his columns is so important to the success of the message that he is delivering, he tends to pay close attention to rising trends amongst his audience. A trend that really excites him is the fact that his readers are becoming increasingly aware of the policies implemented by world governments that have affected the economic infrastructure. He believes that the trends associated with the free capital movement are revealing a number of contradictions, and although he has never championed government regulation, he does find it exciting that ordinary people are discovering these contradictions and calling them into question. For more info, visit:


Multiplayer Gaming Bringing People Together

Multiplayer gaming has evolved into a popular diverse option for gamers. You can connect with friends and strangers across the globe. The rise of the technology age brings a new and improved gaming world with it.

The opportunity to connect with your friends at any time online is a wonderful thing. No matter where you are with an internet connection you can game with whomever you choose to. First-person shooters like Battlefield and Call Of Duty draw a massive following, and they bring many people of all regions to join servers and play together. Sports games, shooters, and role-playing games require teamwork to succeed. This aspect of gaming encourages chatting via text or voice headsets to go into battle and get the victory.

The upswing in YouTube popularity has assisted in viewer and player interaction. Everyone wants to be connected to one another, and multiplayer gaming and cell phones give easy access to do so. The current generation is by far, the most active on social media and the Android and Apple game applications. One great aspect of the current gaming culture is it opens up lines of communication from many diverse groups of people. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity while playing Battlefield 4 to team up and chat with someone from South Africa. While playing great as a team, I was intrigued to learn as much as I could about South Africa compared to the United States.

We are in a time of great opportunity to bring people together and communicate while learning about others. The new age of gaming is exciting and interesting all at once. You never know who you will come across, and the conversations that may be had.

Plushies: Lime Crime’s Latest Creation

Lime Crime has grown into a worldwide powerhouse in cosmetics. The company has been around for a decade, and it has helped to bring new life back into the industry. This company was founded by Doe Deere, and it uses some of the boldest of colors. The colors are simply stunning to the naked-eye. Lime Crime also uses some of the most intense hues. This eclectic brand is an actual representation of Deere. She has always had a strong passion for vibrant colors and Lime Crime has set the precedent in this exclusive department.

Plushies is the latest creation from this brand, and it’s already being labelled as “the cutest release ever.” Plushies are the exact opposite of the components that has made LimeCrime so popular. This product is an actual lip tint that will enhance your lips’ natural color. Users will receive total coverage as well as a non-opaque look. Plushies will give you the benefits of being touch-proof as well as being water-proof. All it takes is one coat and you’ll be set for the rest of today. It would be very hard trying to find another lip tint that can mimic these actions. Plushies will also give your lips a more plush and softer appearance. Unlike other similar products, there is absolutely no flaking or peeling. That’s right! Plushies has set the tone for the new year, and it was one of the most highly anticipated products in the weeks prior to its release.

There are many different ways to apply the product. Consumers can apply the product without any layers of lip balm underneath, or consumers can exfoliate the lips before applying. If you want to make the actual tint a bit darker, just apply a second layer. All in all, Plushies are on another level, and they’ll be setting newer trends in the months to come.

The Current State Of Healthcare IT And Drew Madden

Healthcare is one of the most demanding fields known to man, requiring all of its practitioners to go to nearly a decade’s worth of school, if not even longer. The sector asks the most of its constituents because, when practiced correctly, it adds years to patients’ lives, and helps society in general leaps and bounds.


Here are a few interesting predictions for the future of healthcare’s infrastructure of information technology in 2018, most of which are already true.


Analytical Tools Predict Correct Treatments


In India, there are over 50 online pharmacy startups that have include predictive analytical tools to help detect when patients might be suffering from various health conditions. Patients aren’t at all recommended to use such advice in place of that of a medical professional, although it’s helpful in populations that typically can’t afford to see physicians regularly or navigate their way to visit them. Click Here for more information


Digital Platforms Are Helping Better Healthcare


Many new devices and technologies for existing devices have been developed just for healthcare, virtually all of which have effectively bettered the field of healthcare. Wearable forms of technology are one of the biggest advancements, as patients will require less manual intervention and testing to live healthy lives.


Practices Should Start To More Closely Safeguard Patient Data


Failing to closely secure patients’ personal information could result in identity theft and other negative outcomes, spelling “bad news” for everyone involved with such practices or hospitals.


Passionate Healthcare-Related Information Technology Field Leader Drew Madden


Drew Madden is known around the healthcare industry for providing quality consulting services to those needing assistance with IT infrastructure, Mr. Madden’s specialty. He currently works for Evergreen Healthcare Partners as a managing partner, along with four others with ownership stake operating the business as managing partners, as well.


Mr. Drew Madden had most recently worked for Nordic Consulting Partners prior to getting onboard with Evergreen Healthcare Partners, where his tenure lasted from 2010 to 2016. After his first year in 2010, he became president, a position he filled with excellence until his departure to Evergreen.


Madden attended the University of Iowa, earning a bachelor’s in industrial engineering with a focus in medical systems.



Paul Mampilly: Renowned American Investor.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is the Senior Editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum published by Banyan Hill. Additionally, he began the newsletter called Profits Unlimited to help readers look into stocks that can be highly profitable.

Mr. Mampilly also heads two trading services called Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. In the trading service, he is also a writer that posts a column titled “Winning Investor Daily”. Paul has an specialized expertise in helping the typical Americans to be financially free through investments, technology, stocks and other profitable opportunities.

Earlier in Mr. Mampilly’s career, he served as an Editor in the Professional Speculator at Stansberry Research during most of 2015. He had several leadership experiences by being the Managing Director at the Kinetics Asset Management. He founded the Capuchin Group, where he also served as a writer and editor from 2003-2006. He also had financial experiences by being a money manager in several large firms at the beginning of his work history.

Paul Mampilly and True Momentum

Paul Mampilly started his investment advice company when he decided that he wanted to help more people succeed in their financial goals. He wanted to leave the Wall Street commotion, and reach out to the ordinary American to help them succeed in investing. Mr. Mampilly believes that he is fortunate to have discovered the publishing business that he now owns because it has integrated his all his skills coming from writing and financial backgrounds.

Mr. Mampilly puts a prime into the quality of his work. In a usual day, he does extensive research along with his team. For any stock pick, he goes through 30-40 hours of research with additional 20-30 hours of writing. He is very meticulous with what he gives as an advice to his readers so that future investors can get a highly profitable portfolio.

Paul Mampilly is also very optimistic about the future, as he sees the growth of “Internet of Things” sweeping across several industries. He observes that more industries will be incorporating the Internet of Things such as energy, healthcare, food, banking, and aerospace. Mr. Mampilly believes that the connectivity and accessibility that the internet brings is highly beneficial to improve almost all the different industries that the global market needs.

As a writer and a stock advisor, Paul Mampilly believes at always looking at both sides of the coin. Even if you think your insights are right, there is always a chance that it may not be. Doing the research, knowing what lies ahead and being hardworking are his keys to success.

To see Paul Mampilly’s videos @