Young People Are Gambling Through Social Gaming

One of the most popular and lucrative areas of social gaming involves gambling. There are many games of chance that are patterned after popular games that you would find in a casino. This has caused many of the largest casino companies in the world to hop aboard the social gaming bandwagon. There is a large amount of money to be made in the social gaming world and the casinos want a piece of it. Indeed, social games that involve gambling have been popular for quite some time. However, casinos realize that social gaming is an ideal way to attract millennials and get then interested in gambling for the first time.


There is a large demand from casinos to have social gaming developers create new games to attract new customers. The casinos know that young people like to play games on their mobile devices. Many young people spend several hours each day doing this. Therefore, social casino games are the ideal way to target these young people and get them to start gambling. The social games can also be used to get the millennials to take a trip to visit the real casino.


It is important to note that all of the casino social gaming apps are free to play. Players can win virtual currency that cannot be cashed out. The money is generated through ads that appear on the screen when the person is playing. The fact that the games are free makes many people want to keep playing them repeatedly. This adds value to them. Studies have shown that many players of casino social game apps stay engaged with these games for roughly two hours each day.


More than $38 billion was made last year by the mobile gaming industry. Casinos will continue to create more interesting games. These are designed to keep players engaged for as long as possible so they can be exposed to commercials for the various brands they are trying to promote.


The Wonders of Korean Solo Queue

In League of Legends, Korean solo queue is well known as one of the most competitive grounds in the entire world. Korea is the strong region in professional play, and this fact is reflect in their solo queue ladder. When European team Unicorns of Love went to Korea to bootcamp, they were surprised by the quality of play of both professionals and amateur players. Fabian “Exileh” Schubert talked about mid laners in Korea and their dominant playstyle. He mentioned that they always look for plays and are more than willing to take risks that could change the game. In particular, he mentioned a Zed main who had incredible mechanics and mastery of the champ. As a one trick player, he had thousands of games on the mid lane assassin. Exileh was thoroughly impressed by the aggression and immaculate gameplay in high elo Korean solo queue.


Comparison between Korean and Western LoL is a hotly debated topic. Some analysts have concluded that players of both regions are on an equal mechanical footing, but Eastern players have better teamwork. Other experts profuse that there is a large discrepancy across the board. Regardless of which stance you prefer, it is undeniable that Korean solo queue is a battleground like no other. In previous seasons, Korean had the strongest top laners compared to other roles. Today, rising stars such as Fly, Rookie, and Cepted lead the mid lane charge. Exileh noted that one reason Korean solo queue is so strong is because players are able to offrole to a high proficiency. When people are autofilled, the game does not crash and burn like it does in other regions. He discussed how even supports are able to play carry roles perfectly fine. If you are unable to adapt to this environment, foreign players will inevitably have difficulty climbing the ladder. During his stay, Exileh managed to reach low challenger, an impressive feat.


Mobility Authority-Working Hard to Make the Commute Better

It has been recognized that the Austin area has a congestion problem and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is working hard to reduce the growing problem. They have built the 183A toll road and the U.S. 290 toll road which has helped the communities and has allowed for the capacity to triple. Mobility Authority is a local agency that has been established by the people of the Williamson and Travis counties.


Mobility Authority is on a mission to improve the road conditions in the Austin area and are good at innovation. The new MoPac Express Lanes will utilize a variable tolling system that will use advanced technology to help manage traffic flow. Congestion cannot be completely eliminated but it can certainly be managed. Having variable tolling rates can help to synchronize supply and demand and thus ensure that traffic flow stays more predictable. Mobility Authority is trying to make sure that the Express Lanes keep moving even when the other lanes are crawling during rush hour.


Mobility Authority has joined forces with Metropia in order to come up with a mobile traffic app that can provide current alternative routes for commuters. They are also working with Carma, a carpooling app that will hopefully encourage commuters to share their ride. There is an astounding percentage of 900,000 empty seats that are on the road every single day and if even half of those seats could be filled, the impact on congestion would be very significant.


The Mobility Authority also builds many Shared Use Paths in order to help accommodate cyclists and pedestrians wherever possible. They work hard to provide dedicated paths and will help to cut down on congestion. The Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) program is also offering to patrol and provide free roadside assistance to assist motorists with problems that could otherwise cause major traffic delays.



Mike Heiligenstein has served the Mobility Authority since 2003 and is the Executive Director. He has seen the company grow form just a startup transportation company to a recognized leader in toll road operations, specifically. He has also seen the company build the 183 A which was its first toll road.


Mike Heiligenstein is a very vocal advocate for bicycle and pedestrian facilities and has worked very hard to implement them whenever possible. He has been involved in many transportation projects such as major parkland projects and the Brushy Creek Regional Trail.


Sony Is Banking on Social Gaming

Sony has been a major player in the video gaming world ever since the release of the first PlayStation console. However, they are now targeting the social gaming industry with just as much enthusiasm. They have introduced a new PlayLink social gaming platform that can be used with the PS4. The early response has been very positive. Sony introduced a new social game for the platform at the ES video game convention. It is called “That’s You” and it will come out on July 4th of this year. PlayLink uses games that feature the combined use of mobile devices and the PS4.


Representatives from Sony have said that they believe that social gaming is the future of the video game industry. The is because so many millions of people now have smartphones and they want to play games that are compatible with these mobile devices. Basically, people want to be able to move around while they are playing video games instead of being stuck in front of a computer or a TV. One of the complaints that Sony has received about the social games they have released is that they are not challenging enough for more experienced gamers. The company is working to address this issue by producing several games that will be much more difficult. These will be released on the PlayLink platform late this year or early next year.


Sony has assured fans of the PS4 that it will still continue to put out many games for this console. However, it will also be spending a lot of time coming up with new and exciting content for the PlayLink platform. Sony has already poured many millions of dollars into PlayLink and they want to get a return on their investment. Sony had playable demos of some of their future PlayLink games available for people to test out at the E3 show. The response was very positive from the gamers who tested them out.

Felipe Montoro Jens Partnering with the Local Government for Improvements for Brazil

As was announced, soon the National Bank for Economic & Social Development will be making concessions for sanitation. President of Trata Brasil, will be leading that initiative. The goal is to provide the initiative that is needed for a decrease in waste levels in the area.


Felipe Montoro Jens pointed out that Brazil has 90% of its sanitation services handled by public handling by state organizations. This is important to note because the partnership of other companies and Trata Brasil needs to be in sync to improve the sanitation for the local area.


Felipe Montoro Jens has worked to better the sanitation situation in Brazil as the chief financial officer of His company S.A. for the planning, treasury and project finance divisions. His success has been based on his passion in his own field coupled with a desire for improvements in the local market. This is welcome news for that local economy too. It needs help in implementation going forward for both the ethics and the effective utilities use.


The Brazilian situation as a whole, has become a place that needed reform for this for some time. The benefits are obvious. Felipe Montoro Jens have stepped up to the plate to help solve this issue. Public companies can vary depending on what the administration does to properly control the area effectively and ethically.


Implementation of partnerships includes concessions to maintain the goals for the new plan that is set to improve the ethical management of the situation. The alignment of the citizens is important as well for the proper implementation of services. One goal is to avoid wasting precious resources for basic utilities, and making those more available to everyone in the area. These goals will allow Brazil to become a place that is governed better locally, and nationally for all people.

Casinos Look To Video Games To Attract Millennials

Millennials are simply not going to casinos nearly as much as other generations. They don’t find them as interesting or appealing as some other people did. They don’t like the fact that luck plays such a big role in what type of night you are going to have at the establishment. While poker and certain other skill games are seen as fun by millennials, they do not much care for slots.


The New York Times says that the casinos are trying to work on ways to attract millennials back to the casino. They want to work on a social gaming experience that would appeal to these younger generations.


Young people like to play video games and obviously like to be social with one another. The combination of these two things may be the only way in which millennials will be attracted back into the building.


Social gaming still has to be profitable for the casinos, so they need to add skill aspects to the game while at the same time maintaining the luck factor that keeps them profitable for the casino.


It is going to be an interesting balance for the casinos to try to pull off. They have to be careful not to alienate the customers that they already have. It is something that has been developing for a while now, but it is really starting to heat up now. The casinos are in intense competition with one another and none of them want to lose out in this particular war.


Deficio Talks About G2 and International Performance

Martin “Deficio” Lynge talked to Travis Gafford about the recent mid season invitational and implications for the future. At the event, SKT T1 overcame G2 Esports in the finals to become the champions. Although SKT’s victory was expected, many people were surprised by G2’s success throughout the tournament. Deficio attributed their wins to a number of things. First, EUW solo queue has become more competitive throughout the past year with up and coming talent looking to prove themselves. This has provided a strong training ground for LCS and amateur players alike. Second, Deficio praised the pick up of coach Weldon Green for the infrastructure of G2. Green is a phenomenal analyst and mental coach that has helped players both in and out of game. With a strong staff, G2 has been able to focus on the intricacies of each lane and not worry about outsider influence. Deficio continued on to talk about international competition in general and how each region has developed over time. While NA seems to be on a downward trend, he is confident that they can rebound in the near future. Meanwhile, China and EU seem to be competitive with one another. He also praised the wildcard regions and their development. In previous seasons, they were discarded as weak and irrelevant. Today, their wins can greatly influence the outcome of a major tournament. Deficio will cast on the EULCS desk in the upcoming weeks.

Clay Siegall Continues To Be Informative In His Blog and Active in Cancer Treatment Development

Clay Siegall discusses an array of topics in his official blog. He recently tackled on the End of Life Option Act for California residents. He also took his readers to a world of dogs and ways of learning how to sniff just like them.

Life-Ending Prescriptions

According to a recent study conducted by Compassion and Choices, 500 California residents had been given the life-ending drugs. The participation had increased since the enactment of the End of Life Option Act in June last year. Hospitals, hospice organizations, and insurers are taking up the law at a rapid rate. Getting a physician who can give this prescription has been a daunting task. This hesitancy is attributable to the fact that the law provides doctors with an opt-out option. It could also be because it defies their mandate of saving lives. Many doctors site a difficulty in giving these prescriptions due to the stigma and implication it can give.

Sniffing Like a Dog

Alexandra Horowitz, a researcher, author, and Barnard College Dog Cognition Lab head, recently sought to adopt the dogs sniffing. According to her, noses and smell have been given little value by human beings. Studies have shown that the human nose can also be sensitive as that of a dog. Alexandra sought expert help from a perfumer and a sommelier. She also used a pair of animal trackers to learn skills on how to optimize the nose in smelling. One step she noted was to carefully smell an item that can, in turn, increase the smell molecules. Treating scents with significance removes the traditional tendency of ignoring smells. Inventing a language for identifying scents becomes interesting and makes it easier to recognize them in the future. Humans are, however, far from acquiring the dogs sniffing skills but taking small steps can significantly revolutionize their lives.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is a scientist and a researcher by training. His passion lies in cancer therapies and cancer drugs development. He heads his firm, Seattle Genetics that focuses on cancer treatment.

Clay Siegall’s duty is to oversee all operations at Seattle Genetics. The organization has achieved quite a lot under his watch. Clay was at the forefront of coming up with the firm’s first antibody-drug conjugate, ADCETRIS.

Echo Fox Acquires Inero

Nick “Inero” Smith joins Echo Fox as their head coach for the upcoming 2017 NALCS summer split. Inero is an experienced coach who previously worked with OCE team Tainted Minds. When the team broke up, he looked towards North America for opportunities. Rick Fox and the rest of his organization welcomed him with open arms. In an interview, Fox said, “Smith is a great mind in and out of the game…he will help us qualify for worlds and claim titles.” While these goals might be a little far fetched after the spring split, we can definitely expect great things from the crew. Inero is a high elo player himself with fantastic mechanics and terrific game knowledge. A combination of his leadership and the expertise of Froggen and Akaadian will make Echo Fox a serious powerhouse in the summer. Inero and the players train at the Echo Fox house with studios elsewhere in Los Angeles. With access to the greatest training facilities in the world, Echo Fox looks to thrive in the new meta. Inero has plans for solo queue regiments and pick/ban strategies. Because the meta is constantly shifting, he will be keeping up to date the the latest power picks and ways to exploit enemies. Overall, this is a phenomenal pick up for a struggling Echo Fox. Under the right guidance and leadership, they can bounce back and become one of the top teams in North America.

Origen Out, Hertha BSC Berlin In

In recent relegation matches, Origen Gaming suffered unfortunate losses that relinquished their LCS spot. Now moved to the challenger series, Origen might be out of the league entirely. Hertha BSC Berlin is looking to replace them with a star studded roster that could threaten the top team. Kikis, Amazing, Hybrid, and two Korean imports will serve as the backbone of this roster. Hertha BSC Berlin has been wanting to dive into the Esports industry for a while now, and this is a fantastic opportunity to do so. After Origen’s terrible season, standards are low for the replacement team. Hertha BSC will have one split to enter the LCS and two full splits to qualify for worlds. With a mixture of veterans and promising talent, this could very well be a possibility. Their shotcalling and macro play will certainly be top tier. In addition, Hertha BSC has already promised facilities for such a team. They will reside one of the football houses that has been transformed into a gaming mansion. Players will have access to the latest computers, technology, and analysis to improve their gameplay. It is well known that the EULCS and EUCS are some the most competitive leagues in the world. This squad will be under great pressure to perform, but managers and analysts predict success. Coach Hermes has given rapport about the individual mechanics of these players and team cohesion. Look for Hertha BSC to dominate the challenger scene and beyond.