How to Spot a Decent App

Apps are a great way to have some fun and organize your life. From gaming apps to to-do list organizational ones, it’s easy to get into an app that fits your needs. Unfortunately, among the many wonderful apps available on your phone or tablet, there are a lot of bad ones. These apps may look fine but when you download them, they are riddled with advertisements and pay-to-play purchases. Finding a good app can sometimes feel difficult, but there are certain things to look for in order to make an educated decision.


Pay-to-play apps are one of the most common you’ll find on the market. These apps have very limited game play if you download them to your device and in order to have access to the rest of the game, you’ll have to pay the creator for the full version. This is great if you are interested in the game and want to have access to it all, but it can be expensive when you consider that each item has to be purchased separately. Pay-to-play apps are deceiving because they look fun and may even allow you to progress pretty far in the game until you essentially get stuck and virtually have to pay in order to get through.


Certain apps cost money right off the bat before you’re able to have access to them at all. These are fine if you’re going to be playing the app, but they can be a disappointment if you pay to play the game and then find out you don’t like it. The only benefit to these types of apps is that you often won’t have to pay for anything in the game because you’re buying the full version.


The reviews on the app will give you pretty good insight into how it is. If you notice a lot of reviews are saying there is limited game play or that the size of the app is too large for their device, it might be a good idea to move onto something better. Be sure to look through the millions of apps available before paying for anything.


Felipe Montoro Jens And His Views On Sanitation Services

There has been a recent announcement by the government of Brazil regarding the concessions that it will make through its partnership with BNDES, the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.


In fact, even Edison Carlos, the president of Trata Brasil has spoken about this initiative. Trata Brasil is the Institute which is doing several activities dealing with basic sanitation. This is why he is the right person as he has the correct perspective on this initiative by the government.


According to him, it is a great initiative which the government has taken. This will ensure that the services get thoroughly improved in their management as well as implementation. It will impact the complete structure as well as the different resource areas of these sanitation services.


Another infrastructure specialist is Felipe Montoro Jens. He looks at these concessions from a different viewpoint completely. He looks at it with a perspective of decreasing the quantity of waste that is being generated.


Edison had another point to make. He clearly stated that over 90% of the basic sanitation services were performed by the public sector in Brazil. There were nearly 70% of all users that were served by the state organizations. This is why the initiative of getting a private player needs to be welcomed by all. Felipe Montoro Jens says that both these players work differently. They can work in a better way if they work together in a way that complements each other.


Edison Carlos specifically spoke about the long experience of the government bodies that can be leveraged by the other companies that are getting into partnership with them.


Felipe Montoro Jens clearly spoke about financial loss due to the huge amount of waste being generated. Hence such an initiative of a partnership between public and private enterprise will help in managing the financial resources also.

Cyberbullying May Be Reduced By Online Games

One of the results of the rise of the Internet is the fact that we now have some new words that did not exist before the Internet. One of those words is “cyberbullying”. It is bullying that occurs over the Internet and can real world impacts that are just as serious as in-person bullying.


Young people by in large recognize cyberbullying as a serious issue. The Huffington Post reports that when polled teenagers said that cyberbullying is a serious issue by a 68-32% margin. At the same time, young people are the most likely to use the Internet and the most likely to be victims of cyberbullying. Therefore we must look at ways in which this problem can be reduced.


Online games are one thing that may provide some relief from cyberbullying. It is probably not the first thing that comes to mind given that online games are often demonized as a place where a lot of this bullying occurs, but that does not have to be the case.


Game developers have to be on the ball in order to make sure that cyberbullying does not run rampant on their games. They can start by implementing very strong chat filters that weed out anyone who is bullying others. They should keep these filters up to date given that young people are always looking for ways around these types of things.


Moderators who sit on the games and keep an eye on everything that is going on is another good idea. These moderators can be paid individuals who keep an eye out for bullying or even just very trusted members who have been around the game for a very long time and have proven themselves to be worth of trust.


Parents play another important role in keeping cyberbullying to a minimum. First, they should ask for access to their children’s accounts at all times. They are not getting this access just to snoop on the account but rather to make sure that everything remains safe. Also, the parents should talk to their children about what cyberbullying is and how they can deal with it. A child who has all of the proper tools can usually avoid too many problems.


Igor Cornelsen Offers Successful Investment Tips For All Generations

While investment can be exciting because of the expected benefits, it also comes with a lot of challenges. From the shifting trends in marketing to the challenging and constantly evolving terminologies, it is one overwhelming field for most prospects. The fact is, investment is a risky venture especially for new individuals in the team. Some people do not have a clear clue of what it entails. For beginners, there is need to have a role model to look up to. One such individual to listen to and learn from is Igor Cornelsen. He offers the following investment advice.



Do not lose resources



As an investor looking to put up money in some docket, Igor advises not to lose money. Regardless of the terms that come with the opportunity, it is vital for an individual to avoid getting into risky ventures that could end up making them lose money. If a person realizes that the venture involves the loss of money and resources, one should leave the docket immediately. With most ventures posing as risky, it is vital to ensure that the damage does not involve the loss of money. This way, the resources can be utilized in other ventures.



Portfolio Diversification



It is vital for investors to focus on diversifying portfolios. This is the way forward to minimizing risks when it comes to investment. A diversified portfolio increases the chances of getting revenue from other sources. An investor should, therefore, spread risks across many channels of investment so that in case one channel is lost, another channel exists for future profit harvesting.



 Time Is Money



It is vital for investors to begin thinking of investment skills as soon as possible because of time, as they say, is money. An individual should not wait for old age or campus to start investing. For maximum returns, they should begin immediately. This offers a chance to grow in time with aging.



 Igor’s Profile



Igor Cornelsen is a prominent investment banker hailing from Brazil. He is known for managing some of the world’s biggest banking institutions. Igor Cornelsen commits to providing the best financial investment tips to beginners as well as investors who have been in the business for some time. He is a consultant committed to providing life skills investment tips.



Turn into a Pretty Unicorn with Lime Crime’s Colorful Hair Dye

Lime Crime just launched a new special semi-permanent hair color that resembles the colors of a unicorn. Yes! Who doesn’t want to look like a pretty unicorn? What makes this hair dye special? Well not only does the hair dye resemble a mythical unicorn but it also has vegan ingredients. It is based on vegetable glycerin and it is 100% cruelty free. On top of that, this unicorn hair color does not stain bedsheets, clothes, or any other items. This unicorn hair color was developed to provide a way to dye your hair without damaging it by being made with gently, deposit only dye with no anmonia, peroxide, or bleach. The vibrant, long-lasting hair dyes can also be mixed together to create new colors. Neon Peach and Bunny makes Petal Pink, Blue smoke and Gargoyle make Blue Steel, Anime and Salad make Bright Turquoise while Dirty Mermaid and Gargoyle make Slate Grey.

It only gets better. Lime Crime’s unicorn hair color also comes with two different formulas to pick from. The first formula contains full coverage that consists of a higher pigment which is ideal for those who have platinum or light colored hair. The second formula contains a tint that consists of a lower pigment which is great to use for pastel colors on pale blonde hair. All in all, no matter which formula you choose, the longer you leave the dye in your hair the more saturated and longetivity you will get with your results. It is said that one to two hours will give you a saturated, intense look while 30 to 45 minutes will give you a more subtle and soft look.

Lime Crime, founded and owned by Doe Deere, has been known to accentuate unique colors that allow women and men to express their special identity. Doe Deere made it an essential for all of her products to be cruelty free and vegan by getting her products certified by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Lime Crime’s main mission is for the customers to be rebellious with their makeup and to never be boring.

Andrew Rolfe Ushers in a New Type of Non-Profit

For many people facing disasters, famine, war, or poverty the only form of help they receive comes from a variety of NGOs, charities, and non-profits. As government agencies often are unable to extend help beyond their borders, the responsibility of ensuring individuals affected by crisis receive adequate aid to recover falls upon charitable organizations who’s sole creation is to provide assistance during life’s hardships. It is universally understood that the work performed by the charitable organizations and non-profits is essential in creating a better tomorrow and world for the entirety of our kind.


Though non-profits and charitable organizations are indispensable in terms of service, they sometimes face added difficulties to an already difficult endeavor. Some put in place by hostile foreign agencies or adverse conditions, these are to be expected at times and sometimes wholly unavoidable, while others, which often cause more a detriment for aid workers, are put in place by those who support the cause.


The latter being that of restrictions put in place by donors who, while having altruistic motives and good intentions, at times unintentionally hamper the non-profits ability to help the less fortunate.


Ubuntu Fund and Andrew Rolfe Offer a New Direction for Non-Profits


These restrictions and the difficulties they cause were the driving force behind the Ubuntu Funds shift in policy concerning donor grants. Chairman Andrew Rolfe and the rest of the board began to realize that despite receiving money from donors worldwide, the amount of charitable work they were able to do was being severely hampered by grant restrictions.


The charitable non-profit, which helps disadvantaged youth and families in South Africa, began no longer accepting grants that came with strings attached, unheard of in today’s current atmosphere. Instead, Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund began cultivating relationships with donors that understood non-profits need the freedom to spend as they see fit in order to best serve those who need it most. This innovative shift in operation may be the first of its kind but certainly is indicative of a wave of change.


If you would lie to learn more about Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund please visit


The Price of Social Gaming

Social gaming has taken the world by storm with millions of people playing on a daily basis. There are a range of benefits to playing social games, especially for individuals who tend to be anti-social and who may not get out of the house very often. Unfortunately, there are some downfalls to playing as well and it’s important to become aware of the game you’re playing before making a final decision on what to get involved in.


There are hundreds of different games you can play. Some of the most common social games are World of Warcraft, Evony and Final Fantasy. These games can either be found on consoles or the computer and will require a subscription fee to play. This might be $10 a month to about $50 a month depending on the game you’re playing. This is one of the biggest downfalls with social gaming since it can get pretty expensive to continually play the game. Some of these games allow first-time players to try out the game for free before making a decision on whether or not they want to buy it.


Another major issue with social games is that they can make a person more anti-social because of the addictive game play. You might have heard of the issues many World of Warcraft players have when it comes to disconnecting from the game and entering the real world. There needs to be a balanced medium between playing social games and getting away from the computer altogether. Other social games might be found on your phone or tablet and can be downloaded in the form of an app. Many of these apps are considered pay-to-play, which means that you’ll be paying just to advance in the game. If you want to buy a lot of items, this can get very expensive quickly. Thankfully, there are a lot of games you can play that won’t cost a thing and are quick and easy to download. Just because you want to get into the social gaming world does not mean that you have to spend a lot of money to do it.


Social Gaming Company Raises Big Equity Check

Over the past decade, one of the biggest changes in the video game industry has been the increased amount of social gaming played today. Those that enjoy playing games today often play online games in either team or against live opponents located anywhere in the world. While there are a lot of social gaming games and applications to choose from, a few different companies have emerged as leaders of the industry. According to a recent news industry (, one leading game provider will now have the capital necessary to continue to grow.


Earlier this month, social gaming platform Roblox announced that they had come to an agreement to raise $92 million in private equity and venture capital. This is a huge capital raise for the company that had previously only raised $10 million in its 11-year history. Roblox will now be partnering with Meritech Capital Partners and private equity firm Index Partners, which are two of the premier investors in the tech and entertainment industry.


The social gaming company has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the last year alone. The company recently announced that it now has 48 million unique visitors each month. This is compared to just 6 months ago when the company reported having just over 30 unique visitors. Overall, the company believes that the main user base is kids between the ages of 6 and 16. It is also expected that as younger kids grow, they will join the user base and existing teenagers are likely to continue to play these games in the future. Both of these factors point to the potential for even more user growth.


Roblox is a bit different than other gaming websites in that novice developers and customers make many of the games. Overall, 22 million games have been released on the website. While many of these games see only a limited amount of play, some of the tops producing developers have earned well over 1 million dollars per year through royalty fees and profit sharing. The company has also started to partner with other companies for promotional opportunities.


Destiny 2 Breaks Precedent With PC Version Announced

Breaking the console-only precedent set by the original Destiny for PlayStation 3, PlayStation4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Bungie announced a PC version of its highly-anticipated sequel, Destiny 2.


The original Destiny missing the PC platform was widely seen as something of a head-scratcher, given Bungie’s cross-generational release plan. The Massively Multiplayer Online/First-Person Shooter (MMOFPS) hybrid is known for being the first major brush with the MMO gameplay loop for many console gamers, which compounded the surprise to PC gamers who expected such a natural fit for the platform to arrive eventually.


Destiny 2 on PC will release in five editions ranging from the standard digital edition with just the base game, to the physical Limited Edition that includes: two expansions, a Limited Edition SteelBook case, a Collector’s Box, and three exclusive pieces of premium digital content.


Halo/Destiny veterans Bungie premiered their latest with an unexpectedly silly trailer, which likely focuses on moments of levity as a riposte to the lukewarm response from gamers to the deathly serious tone of the original game.


Those who pre-order Destiny 2 will gain access to a beta period, guaranteed before launch. Bungie promises to announce the dates for this early access soon. With the story reveal trailer in the bag, there will be a gameplay reveal in May, and the final run of information just before Destiny 2‘s launch in September.


Cross-play between platforms is not confirmed. While this is possible for a handful of active games like Killer Instinct, Rocket League, and Street Fighter V, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users have yet to receive a game that allows play between the two systems. Additionally, the first-person nature of the game means mouse and keyboard users on the PC may have an unfair advantage over controller users on consoles, so cross-play between PC and just one of the two major console services is unlikely.


While the original game never did make the jump to PC, the upcoming Destiny 2 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on September 8th, 2017.


Leading Financial Institution

Most of the individuals get overwhelmed when it comes to choosing or deciding a financial partner. It can be a difficult task when it comes to deciding which organization to pick to stand by you in the case of financial stress or even advice, but friends, family, and loved ones can also be of great help especially if they have used the services of a commercial bank.

Nexbank is one of the leaders in the investment and financial industry in the United States. Since its foundation, the commercial facility has been experiencing marvelous expansion delivering excellent financial services as well as products. The organization has been distributing its services and products since 1922 when it got its Charter, and the services being offered by the institution is categorized into three classes namely; Commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. Below is an explanation of what each category deals with.

  • Institutional services: it involves public funds, investment banking, and treasury management, real estate advisory and financial institution.
  • Mortgage banking: in this department Nexbank offers services including; becoming a client, warehouse lending, and wholesale and correspondent lending.
  • Commercial banking: agency services, commercial lending, credit services, treasury management, financial institution, and commercial real estate lending.

Nexbank has its Headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The financial organization combines excellent leadership with financial experts with a vast experience in the industry. The company has several affiliates including; Nexwash LLC, Nexbank Title Inc., Nexbank Securities Inc., and Nexbank SSB. Although the firm is very selective in its hiring process, it’s an equal opportunity employer to qualified candidates who show seriousness and are experienced in the field. Nexbank does not discriminate when it comes to career opportunities; it offers chances to individuals regardless of their race, background, or physical ability. The financial organization continuous to provide excellent financial services in the United States and the world.