How Does OSI Group Create Better Menus For Customers?

OSI Group is one of the finest food producers in the world, and they are one of the largest employers in America. They are a company that values proper ingredients, sustainable policies and the menus that help every facility serve its patrons properly. Patrons who are eating food from OSI Group are healthier by comparison, and they are able to offer a wider variety. This article explains how OSI Group serves customers better products every day.

#1: What Does OSI Group Produce?

OSI Group makes a large range of food products that cover every food group and category. Anyone shopping with the company will find it quite simple to build a menu for their facility, and they will see a number of foods that are suited to their needs. They may omit foods from their menus that are not popular with their guests, and they may help create a menu everyone will love.

#2: Online Ordering

The online ordering system for OSI Group is quite power because it helps customers place their orders for immediate fulfillment. The orders are sent into the system at once, and they are shipped to the customer from the plant. OSI Group has a number of employees and plants working every day on new orders, and they see to it that orders arrive in a short time.

#3: Employing Many In Small Communities

The small communities that host OSI Group plants are seeing an economic impact on their communities every day, and they are seeing the company grow with them. OSI Group recently purchased a Tyson Foods plant. OSI Group purchased Baho Foods also to help increase their reach. They wish to be a part of the community, and they use their sustainability practices to reduce their impact on the planet. They do not want to be a burden where they work, and they hope to hire more employees every year to keep up with production.

#4: Why Is OSI Group Lauded The World Over?

OSI Group does everything right. They are employing as many people as possible, and they are looking for a way to help more customers order their food. They use better ingredients, and they reach out to communities where they work. Forbes has listed them among the best for a reason, and it is clear based on their track record.

OSI Group has proven it belongs at the top of the industry. They offer better foods to more customers every day.

Alexandre Gama: Advertising Giant

Alexandre Gama is a Brazil advertising giant and the founder and CEO of the Neogama Agency, which is one of the top 20 advertising agencies in Brazil. He is the only Brazilian to have ever been part of the Global Creative Board, this is a committee of leaders involving the Publicis Groupe.

Alexandre Gama started in the advertising industry by graduating from the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. He then went on to be an editor at Ogilvy, an advertising agency. He then held several other positions at DM9 agency, AlmapBBDO as a partner and vice president of creation, and Young & Rubicam as President/CEO.

In the midst of holding these positions, Alexandre Gama founded Neogama in 1999. In its first 3 years of existence, the company grew quickly. It was the first advertising agency in Brazil to win a Lion at the Cannes Film Festival. After being apart of BBH in London for several years, Gama disconnected Neogama completely and ran the company in Brazil exclusively.

With his constant entrepreneurship and drive Alexandre Gama has been the winner of several awards. In 2007 he received the Award Caboré Businessman/Industry Director of Communication of the Year. His agency Neogama has been the recipient of several Gold Lion awards from the Cannes Film Festival. These awards and accomplishments are only a small testament to the Brazilian giant of advertising that is Alexandre Gama.


Facebook Is Getting Involved With Social Gaming

The social gaming industry is a very lucrative one. That is why Facebook is making a big effort to get involved in it and take a piece of the market. Facebook has been overshadowed by Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS when it comes to social gaming and mobile gaming. However, the social media giant is hoping all of that will change because they are now beginning to integrate a wide variety of games into the Facebook Messenger. They believe that the easy access to all of the games will make users of Facebook more likely to play them. It remains to be seen if this is the case.


Facebook has not made an official announcement regarding what games will be part of their social gaming package that will be available when using messenger. However, Facebook in New Zealand seems to be offering a preview of what games will be available in the United States at some point in the future. There are various card games currently available. There is also a game where the user pilots a spaceship and blasts enemies. Facebook has said that additional details about the upcoming games will be released in the coming weeks.


Facebook still has a long way to go in order to catch up with the mobile social gaming that people can already find on Apple and Android devices. However, industry experts believe that what Facebook is doing is definitely a step in the right direction. A larger selection of games will benefit Facebook in the long run.

Canadian Social Gaming Startup Is Very Successful

Social gaming seems to be all the rage these days. There is a new social gaming company pooping up every day. It is an understatement to say that the social gaming industry has become extremely competitive. This is because of the large number of companies that are battling for a share of this lucrative industry. One of the social gaming companies that has taken the industry by storm since its 2011 launch has been Boom Gaming. It was created by David and Terry Debono. The company is currently headquartered in Kitchener, Ontario.


There have been many theories as to why Boom Gaming has been able to take off when so many other social gaming platforms go out of business relatively quickly. One of the reasons that many players use the service is the wide variety of games that are available to play. Players also enjoy the chat feature which allows them to interact with each other while they are playing. This is an essential element of the social gaming experience.


Another key factor that has enabled Boom Gaming to achieve such great success in such a short period of time is the amount of ways that you can play games. For example, you can log in from your Android or iOS device. You can also go through Facebook or visit the Boom Gaming website. The Debono brothers believe that accessibility is important for any social gaming site to achieve a high level of popularity. They plan on increasing the number of available games very soon.




Social Gaming Can Prevent Cyber-Bullying

It’s no secret that people spend a considerable amount of their time online these days. However, it’s also true that cyber-bullying is on the rise. Fortunately, there are some ways that online gaming can significantly reduce cyber-bullying.


Content Filtering System


Kids are especially creative these days, and will often find a way to get around chat filters and send harassing messages to others. That’s why game developers have to stay aware of the latest filtering technology and chat analyses to make sure that chat rooms are not filled with cyber-bullying and threats. Community Sift is a great tool that can be integrated into gaming systems that will make a significant difference when it comes to reducing cyber-bullying.


Interaction Monitors


Video game companies can also hire in-game moderators to monitor the interactions of the players. These moderators help to prevent bullying. For instance, in Animal Jam, a prominent social network for kids, players have given new meanings to certain words (i.e. “scalloped” is the new word for “scammed.”) This can make it difficult to filter the chat. It’s also important to note that visual content is even hard to detect when there is automation.


Clark Stacey, CEO of WildWorks, the creator Animal Jam. shares that content is reviewed by human moderators. The moderators make sure that the inappropriate content never makes its way to the game.


Parental Access


Developers have to treat parents like partners when getting rid of online bullies. This is very important, because kids are unlikely to tell their parents when they are being bullied. Parent dashboards for games, email updates and customer support are among the solutions that will assist parents in monitoring their child’s online activity.


Have the Conversation


One of the most important bullying prevention tools is to communicate with players. Game developers should clarify the behavior that is acceptable while playing the game. Clear regulations should be stated, as well as the consequences for players who violate policies.


Online bullying will likely be here to stay, unfortunately. However, game developers and companies can significantly reduce bullying by using technology and human moderators to ensure that kids are safe while online.



Pala Casino Launches Social Gaming Apps

The Pala Casino, Spa and Resort has announced that they will be releasing and online social gaming application. The application will be named the MyPalaCasino and it is entirely free to download. The plan on launching the game for Facebook, Android and iOS. This app will not involve any real money transactions.


The game will include your typical casino games that will be multi player with other players in real time. You will see slot machine games, blackjack, roulette, video poker, craps and Texas hold’em poker. They also have plans for virtual sports betting games to be implemented.


The goal of this new app is to attract new customers into coming in to their real life facility in California. They hope to show the quality games that they have through a virtual world for those that cannot yet visit the casino. They are mainly marketing that app towards Southern Californians, but anybody is free to try out their gaming platform.


Pala Interactive is the developer of their new social game. They have been developing software since 2013 and made a previous deal with the New Jersey casino Borgata. The company is hoping to expand online gambling into California if they ever make it legal in the near future.


The Pala Casino is not the only one in the area that is expanding into online social gaming. Ruby Seven Studios developed a game for the Californian casino Pechanga Resort & Casino. This app was also a free app that did not invlove any real money.


One Planet Awards Program Honors Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is the CEO of USHealth Group, Inc. A global premier awards program, One Planet, recently honored Troy McQuagge as Gold Winner CEO of the year. The one planet program awards business and professional excellence in all industries of the business world. One Planet allows organizations from biggest to smallest to submit their nominations. His company, USHealth Group, Inc provides affordable health coverage for the self-employed and business owners. The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas. The goal of the company is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing the best insurance products and price possible.

“In reality, this award belongs to everyone at USHEALTH Group, Inc. It is a testament to our company’s ongoing commitment to solve the healthcare affordability problem for customers by providing them with innovative coverage that can grow as their healthcare needs grow”. Troy humbly states during his acceptance speech.

The award was well-deserved. In 2010, McQuagge joined the company and began putting his skills to use. He decided to remodel the USHealth Advisors and had a great of success. This success soon led to him being elected as president and CEO in 2014. Since being elected, USHEALTH Group, Inc experienced continued success in the competitive health insurance market.

Before McQuagge joined USHealth Group, Inc, he attended the university of central Florida where he earned his B. A in Legal Studies. Later, he worked for Allstate Insurance company. There he learned his two valuable skills that played a part in his company’s success, sales, and administration. He also joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc. In 1997, he was elected president for the UICI agency. Troy had developed 30 years of experience in the health insurance field before landing the position at USHealth Group, Inc.

With his education and experience, Troy McQuagge has brought his company to a growth of 500% since 2010. Today, McQuagge still exceeds sales goals and brings his customers great satisfaction.

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How Jason Halpern’s JHM has Transformed the Brooklyn’s Skyline

JMH real estate developers is a leader when it comes to the development of the luxury homes in Manhattan. This company has also handled a vast array of real estate projects in Brooklyn, including the conservation of an eight-tower hotel block. In addition, the company deals with the development of residential and commercial projects.


Jason Halpern is an experienced real estate developer who has handled several projects in his career. He specializes in the high-end homes, meaning that he has a knack for acquiring properties in the prime areas. Since the clientele prefers the luxury homes, Jason Halpern has assembled a consortium of firms to provide the services that the clients require. For example, in the eight-story hotel tower, JHM has collaborated with ADD architects and Plaza Construction to turn a bland historical building into a world known architectural masterpiece.


The ability to conserve the old building has earned this firm a lot of plaudits from other professionals as well. Conservation adds value to the wasted spaces of the town, and the best way to prevent the further urban sprawl is to take conservation seriously. This project will open up a broad range of opportunities that will generate revenue to the locals.


By working with some of the best architects in Manhattan, JHM is renowned for developing the masterpieces that will shape the silhouette of Brooklyn. Whether you are interested in the commercial, residential, hospitality, or mixed use properties, JHM is the place to go. By turning these houses into key icons of the town, JMH has made its mark in the regional real estate industry.


This company is famous for pioneering the development of prime, luxurious, and distinctive properties across the United States. The innovative approach when it comes to designing and building the properties has made a huge impact on the Brooklyn skyline. One of the recent projects is the rehabilitation of 184 Kent Avenue that led to the creation of 340 luxury rentals in Brooklyn. This project won plenty of awards in the adaptive reuse section. Currently, JMH is working on the development of the Cobble Hill Townhouses in Brooklyn. Evidently, JMH is looking to create high quality, luxurious, and unique properties throughout the country.


JHM has completed the construction of the Aloft South Beach. This waterfront property provides easy access to the Collins Canal and Lake Pancoast. This building is located near the Miami Beach convention center and the Museum of art.

Facebook Makes Gaming Even Easier With Messenger Games

Just about everyone’s gotten sucked into a Facebook game at some point – a friend sends you an invite to a game that looks interesting, so you decide to check it out, and before you know it, you’re hooked. Even if you don’t end up spending thousands of dollars and tens of thousands of hours on a game like Farmville or Candy Crush, as the most devoted players do, you still might have found yourself spending a little more time on these addictive little games than you meant to.


Mobile games have proven to be a solid and reliable source of revenue for Facebook, so it’s no surprise that the social media giant is moving to make its games even easier to access and play. The first step in this direction came earlier this year, when Facebook Messenger added a neat hidden feature – if you clicked on a special basketball emoji that a friend sent you, you’d be able to play a little game of basketball against them. This game soon become quite popular, with over a billion plays in the first three months of its release. It’s no surprise, then, that Facebook is moving to add more and more Messenger-integrated games – now known as Instant Games – including Everwing, Space Invaders, Galaga, and the ever-popular Words with Friends. What makes these games so successful is that they’re quick to play – you can just tap a challenge that a friend sends you and dive right into the game.


New Medicare Advantage Plan is Offered at Memorial Health According to CEO and President Maggie Gill

Persons located in the low-country of South Carolina, and Southeast Georgia have a new Medicare Advantage plan available to them. The beneficiaries of Medicare can take advantage of the new plan—during open enrollment. Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) and Eon Health have become affiliated in order to provide a plan with zero-dollar premiums; and pharmacy benefits with a reduction in in co-pays.


Beginning in January of 2017 the Medicare Advantage plan is available in Chatham and Bryan counties in Georgia as well as Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton and Colleton counties in South Carolina. Inclusive is a specialized needs plan designed for critically ill patients and eligible beneficiaries. The enrollment is now available.


Benefits are inclusive of the following:


1—Reduction in co-pays for primary care provider visits, and visits to specialists;

2—No referral is required in order to see a network provider;

3—Transportation benefit—on particular plans;

4—Fitness program: Silver-Sneakers;

5—Dental benefits—comprehensive, preventative, and dentures;

6—OTC allowance benefits—offered monthly;

7—Hospital benefits;

8—Hearing aid benefits; and

9—Member rewards program.


Memorial Health CEO and President—Maggie Gill—mentioned she believed that Eon Health’s focus on Preventative Healthcare, coupled nicely with Memorial Health’s Preventative Healthcare objective. Ms. Gill explained that the two organizations, planned to work in a spirit of cooperation, in order to provide their clients with healthier ways of living and accessibility to adequate levels of healthcare.


Dr. Austin Ifedirah, CEO and President of Eon Health, agreed, that a collaboration with Memorial Health provided advantages with its approach of delivering the best in healthcare to its clientele. He conveyed that he thought it important that patient needs emanated from the patient.


It is clear to see that Eon and healthcare provider–Memorial Health wish to assure the on-going health of their respective populace—placing emphasis on high-standard preventative care with regard to the Medicare beneficiaries, within the states of South Carolina, and Georgia, respectively.